Ward Mcallister was a man who arbitrated the social taste in the gilded period in the United States. Some people supported him for his vision of having an aristocracy similar to English and some hated it.

There is no doubt that he was trying to copy British Aristrocacy in the US by excluding his club and arranging ball for only those people who were deemed to be worthy. It was an interesting period of history which is now seen in HBO's The Gilded Age.

The show presents the period when the United States was going through great changes both economically and socially. There was a conflict between old ways and new ways of society.

Who Was Ward Mcallister In Gilded Age?

In The Gilded Age, Ward is played by the actor Nathan Lane. Many people are impressed by his performance and have received many positive comments for his dedication to the role. He has managed to give life to his performance.

Many people might think that Ward is a fictional character, which is false. He was a real man, who was impressed by the British aristocracy manners, so decided that the US rich also needs something similar.

He started to make an exclusive that uses a demeanor similar to that seen in Britain. He restricted it to the people he believed to be worthy. Even among the richest, he invited only be deemed to be of stature to join his exclusive club.

Mcallister coined a popular term called " The Four Hundred," which means that there are only four hundred people who are fashionable enough to be part of the ball and if someone were to go above that number, there will be put others in unease.

How Was Ward Mcallister Involved In The Invention Of The Society?

After seeing the character of Ward Mcallister, people are wondering what this man did in the gilded period when rich people in the Us were trying to copy British novelty. Ward was one of the pioneers of this idea.

He was the one who established the Society of Patriarch. This society had only 25 members and these members could add more members nine members, but there were restrictions in such a way that the number is always confined.

This club was very exclusive. This ball inspires many other balls. After the death of Mcallister, society came to the end because of a lack of interest. This club used to bring British aristocrats to make people more exclusive.

It will be interesting to see how Mcallister will be portrayed in the show; Will it be close to a real one or not?