Who Is Winston Cruze? Financial Personality Rachel Cruze's Husband, Children

Winston Cruze's wife Rachel Cruze.
Winston Cruze's wife Rachel Cruze.( Source : instagram )

Since 2009, Winston Cruze is recognized as Rachel "Ramsey" Cruze's husband. 

Winston Cruze is the principal broker and investment manager of Capital Realty Group. He received his BSc degree in Business Administration and Management from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in 2009. 

Also, Winston is Dave Ramsey's son-in-law and the husband of Rachel Ramsey, a well-known author who specializes in finance. She serves as a personal finance expert.

He is now the owner of Ramsey Solutions company established in 2014, and a bestselling author. The father of three kids, Dave, faced failure and even went bankrupt at age 26, reported Investopedia. 

Quick Facts About Winston Cruze

SpouseRachel Cruze

Who Is Winston Cruze?

Winston Cruze first appeared in The Kent Lapp Podcast in the episode 27 years ago. In the podcast, Winston talks about his career and experience working at Ramsey Solutions.

The episode runs over two hours with Kent, and he is overwhelmed to appear as a guest in the podcast. 

Sadly, Winston has no Wikipedia page, but his short bio is available in this artifact.


As per the podcast, Winston works as a broker and investment manager of Capital Realty Group. He did a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration & Management from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. In a nutshell, he graduated in 2009. 

Also, Winston revealed his interest in bird hunting when he was young, but not anymore.

Rachel Cruze's Husband, Winston Cruze

Financial personality Rachel Cruze is the wife of Winston Cruze. Her husband, Winston, is a broker and investment manager in Capital Reality Group, per The Kent Kapp Podcast.

Winston Cruze's father in Law Dave Ramsey
Winston Cruze's father in Law Dave Ramsey ( Source : daveramseyfan )

Since 2009, Winston has been in a romantic relationship with Rachel Cruze, a prominent finance advisor. 

Rachel and her dad, Dave, published a first book called Smart Money Smart Kids, which peaked at number one on The New York Times Best Seller list in 2014. Her second book, "Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want," was published in 2016.

Speaking about Rachel's dad, Dave Ramsey, now 62, is one of the fortunate and accomplished hosts of the nationally syndicated radio program "the Dave Ramsey show." He is an eponymous finance author, internet celebrity, and TV show host. His top-ranked show, "The Dave Ramsey Show," has over 13 million listeners worldwide.

Winston Cruze's Children 

Winston Cruze has had three kids with his partner Rachel Cruze over all these years. All of them are minor kids.

Dave and Rachel's first book Smart Money Smart Kids
Dave and Rachel's first book Smart Money Smart Kids ( Source : instagram )

Furthermore, Winston has two daughters, Amelia Cruze and Caroline Viktoria Cruze, and a son, Charles Winston Cruze. Among the three, Amelia is the eldest, Caroline is the middle child, and Charles is the youngest. 

How Much Does Winston Cruze Make Per Year?

Winston Cruze is an investment manager and broker at capital realty group. His net worth is yet to unveil in the media.

Winston Cruze's mother in law, Sharon and wife Rachel
Winston Cruze's mother in law, Sharon and wife Rachel ( Source : instagram )

As per online estimation, his yearly income is not less than one million. The average salary of an investment manager is $137,862 as of 2022. 

Besides that, Winston works at Ramsey Solutions. His work in the company includes managing Dave Ramsey's personal investment properties, space planning, and tenant rep for Ramsey Solutions. On top, Winston is hired as an acting project manager for the new Ramsey Solutions campus.

Career Earnings And Lifestyle

Winston resides in Tenessee with his wife and three kids. He is living a lavish lifestyle.

Speaking about Dave's yearly income, his worth is roughly estimated at around $2 million as of 2022. He drives expensive cars and dwells in an extravagant mansion.

Some Known Facts About Winston Cruze

Winston Cruze First Met Rachel Ramsey At Tennesse University

As per the online reports, Rachel met Winston Cruze while studying at the University.

After graduation, they tied the knot with the blessing of their family in 2009.

Rachel Cruze's Family Faced A Tough Situation In the Beginning

Rachel Cruze shared an image with her family on Instagram, revealing they are debt free now. They collected $52k in twelve months.

 Also, her parents went bankrupt and lost everything. She learned that saving for the future is essential and that investing money wisely by avoiding debt is the key to success.

Winston Cruze Was A Keen Hunter

Winston was a hunter. He used to hunt birds with a hunting gun in the forest. 

However, Winston has quit hunting now.

Winston Cruze Is Not Active On Social Media

Winston Cruze has no social media profile on Instagram and Twitter, but his companion has. Rachel shared a lovely image tagging Winston Cruze on their third marriage anniversary on Twitter.

His account is suspended as of now. Letting you know, Rachel has a verified IG and Twitter page.

Winston Cruze Was Born To American Parents

Winston Cruze's parents have been supportive regarding his career. He belongs to a humble family.

We don't have enough details about his father and mother lately. We'll keep you alarmed in the future.

Some FAQs

How old is Winston Cruze?

Winston Cruze's age and birth details is still confidential, but his wife's age is 34 year in 2022.

What is Winston Cruze 's nationality?

Winston holds an American nationality since he is a native of America.

Is Winston Cruze Available on Linkedin?

It's not clear if Winston Cruze is active on Linkedin or not.

How many kids Winston Cruze have?

Winston Cruze have three kids, two daughters and one son.

Is Winston Cruze related to Dave Ramsey?

Winston Cruse has no blood relation with Dave, but he is a son in law of finance expert Dave.

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