The culprit of the 2014 Tarek Zahed has been arrested in charge of the Murder Of Youssef Assoum from Sydney, creating a buzz on the internet.

Comanchero bikie Tarek Zahed, the prime suspect of the 2014 gangland murder, made several headlines after his dramatic arrested by heavily armed police in daring daylight on Sunday outside a gym in Auburn. 

He was dragged out of the car before being slapped with cuffs on New South Head Road for his alleged involvement in the underworld killing of Youssef Assoum.

As per the reports, Comanchero bikie pleaded guilty to murder and kidnaped and will appear at Downing Centre Local Court. Earlier, he was shot 10 times in a hit that resulted in the lives of his younger brother, Omar.

For his arrest, elite officers fired rubber bullets through the window of a black BMW carrying the outlaw motorcycle club's national sergeant-at-arms.

Quick Facts

Name Tarek Zahed
Age 41
Date of Birth 1980
Place of Birth Victoria, Australia
Brother Omar Zahed
Nationality  Australian
Profession Comanchero boss bikie

Who Is Tarek Zahed? 

Tarek Zahed is an Australian Comanchero bikie leader and outlaw motorcycle club's national Sergeant At Arms.

The biker, famed as 'Balenciaga Bikie', was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and was taken into surgery with bullet wounds to his head and body, including one that pierced straight through his eyeball.

The car Mr Zahed was travelling in was damaged in the arrest. Picture: NSW Police
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The sources revealed Tarek is carefree despite facing the ten shots that led to completely lost sight in his right eye, rendering him virtually blind as he already had reduced vision in his left eye.  

The Comanchero bikie's rapid recovery astonished doctors, and he was released from the hospital less than two months later following a lengthy discussion about whether he would need limbs amputated

Tarek Zahed Arrested Over 2014 Murder Of Youssef Assoum

Zahed's famed Bikie Boss's arrest comes after he was shot alongside his brother Omar at a gym in western Sydney in May and miraculously survived.

Comanchero national president Allan Meehan last Sunday posted a photo alongside the underworld figure and two other associates, all decked out in designer clothes and jewelry at a Melbourne restaurant. 

Before this arrest, Tarek spent eight months in periodic detention after he used a dog to attack, and he was behind bars for five years in charge of stomping on a man's skull over a drug feud.

Tarek Zahed was arrested by police following a vehicle stop in Edgecliff. (Source: NSW Police)
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Bikie kingpin, Tarek will remain behind bars and appeared in Sydney’s Downing Centre Local Court on Monday morning after being arrested at gunpoint during a vehicle stop on New South Head Rd, Edgecliff.

Tarek Zahed Wife And Family Bio

There is no information about Tarek Zahid's wife in the media. He has not shared anything related to his love life, he is single.

As per records, Tarek was shot by a group of hitmen in the gym of Auburn due to which his brother Omar lost his life.

Omar Zahed, left, and Comanchero boss, Tarek Zahed, were shot in Sydney's west last night.(Supplied: Facebook )
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The bikie boss was tracked by his enemies because of the Tiktok video he made flaunting his abs in the gym. His location was traced based on the video and his rival's accomplished shooting.

The Comanchero heavyweight was taken into custody and charged with murder and kidnap in company with the intent to commit a serious indictable offense.

Tarek Zahed Nationality

Tarek Zahed belongs to the Australian Nationality.

As of 2022, he is 41 years, was born in Victoria, Australia, in 1980, and is renowned with the name Balenciaga Clad Crime Lord in the field of high-profile Australian crime.

After serving his jail sentence, the Bikie Boss was declared the national Sergent athArms of the outlaw motorcycle club.

Homicide squad commander Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said the arrest culminated a year-long investigation into the 2014 gangland murder.

The Balenciaga Bikie's life of crime timeline

Year  Records
2022 Arrested and charged with two counts of contravening serious crime prevention order

at Barangaroo in Sydney punching a man and leaving for Lebanon. 

2004 spent five years behind bars after stomping on a man's skull over a drug feud
2001 spent eight months in periodic detention after he used a dog to attack someone
1995 Zahed was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, resisting arrest and assaulting police.