Steven Whybrow is currently trending in the media after he became a lawyer and handled the case of Bruce Lehrmann.

Bruce Lehrmann is a senior advisor to the Australian Liberal Party. Bruce formerly worked in Senator Linda Reynolds' office. Lehrmann is making headlines in the media for the assault of Brittany Higgins within Parliament. Brittany Higgins works as a Liberal staffer in Australia.

In March 2019, Brittany Higgins, a Liberal Party employee and coworker, accused Bruce of raping her in the Parliament's office. She was forced to decide between retaining her employment and reporting the offender to keep her job.

She decided to remain silent to defend the Liberal Party and her position. But she ultimately decided to speak up and ask for justice.

Quick Facts About Steven Whybrow

NameSteven Whybrow
ProfessionBarrister/ Advocate
ResidenceCanberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
UniversityThe Australian National University

Who Is Steven Whybrow?

Steven Whybrow has one of the broadest practices at the ACT Bar.

He has been instructed to represent plaintiffs, defendants, businesses, government clients, and insurance companies in legal matters. He appears in numerous courts and tribunals, including the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the High Court, and every court.

Over 12 years, Steve worked as a prosecutor in the ACT Magistrates and Supreme Courts. Whybrow has represented the Crown as prosecuting counsel in over 100 sentences and appeals and almost 40 Supreme Court cases.

He has participated in various inquests and inquiries as supporting counsel.

He has taken the assault case of Bruce Lehrmann, which is trending on the social media platform. On Wednesday, Barrister Steven Whybrow appeared in court alongside other attorneys, including Katrina Musgrove.

After entering the case late, Mr. Whybrow requested that the trial begin on June 27 and stated that he had a lot of information to present. He also stated that warrants must be issued.

Chief Justice Lucy McCallum agreed to hold the trial on the day requested by Mr. Whybrow, observing that Shane Drumgold SC, the director of public prosecutions for the ACT, thought it would last no longer than four weeks.

He has entered a not guilty plea to a charge of engaging in inappropriate activity without consent, disputing claims that he assaulted Ms. Higgins in March 2019 in Parliament House.

When the two were working for the minister in the Morrison administration, the alleged activity is claimed to have occurred in Linda Reynolds' office. The trial for Queenslander Bruce Lehrmann got scheduled to start this week, but it got postponed when one of his former attorneys left the case for "reasons beyond anyone's control."

Steven Whybrow Age, How Old Is He?

As of 2022, Steven Whybrow has not mentioned his date of birth on social media.

He has lived a secretive and private lifestyle, and not many details about his life are available on the web.

Looking at Whybrow's profile, he appears 5 feet 8 inches tall. 

Whybrow has represented the Crown as prosecuting counsel in well over 100 sentences and appeals, as well as almost 40 Supreme Court cases.
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According to Whybrow's LinkedIn profile, he currently resides in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

He passed out from The Australian National University with a Bachelor of Science (BSc), majoring- In organic Chemistry in 1990. Later, Steven completed his Bachelor of Laws from Australian National University.

He was admitted as a Barrister/ Solicitor in Australia's federal/ high courts, as per his Linkedin profile. Steve was a former executive committee member at the ACT Branch of the Australia & New Zealand Forensic Science Society.

He has a background in organic chemistry and a keen interest in forensic science and investigative tactics and procedures.

Who Is Steven Whybrow's Wife?

Steven Whybrow has not disclosed his relationship status, and no information about his wife has been uncovered on the internet.

Due to the lack of information about the attorney’s relationship status, Steven might be single and living his life alone.

Looking at Whybrow's social media handle, he has not uploaded any posts about his girlfriend or wife on his accounts. There has been no gossip about the lawyer dating other girls in the past on the web. Steven is currently focused on his career as a barrister and might have no time for relationships.

According to Steve Whybrow, the accusations of assault by Lehrmann in Parliament made by Higgins led to Australians being "sold a pup”.

Brittany Higgins' credibility was under attack all week long by Bruce Lehrmann's attorney. The attacks intensified on Friday when defense attorney Steven Whybrow charged that she had utilized doctor's visits that she had skipped to "bolster" her accusation.

Steven Whybrow Net Worth - How Much Does He Have?

Steven Whybrow's net worth is unavailable on the online platform.

He might have accumulated such a fortune as he has become a professional barrister and advocate.

The barrister has won several notable cases, including Derrick v Westpac Banking Corporation [2006] NSWIRComm 76, Derrick v ANZ Group Limited [2005], The Clarke Inquiry into the Case of Dr. Muhamed Haneef (2008), and numerous others.

As of September 26, 2022, the average Personal Trainer pay in the United States was $151,586; however, the average compensation range is between $132,095 and $169,361.

Hence, one can assume that Steven’s salary also falls in the above-mentioned spectrum.

Before joining Key Chambers, he served as a lawyer at Blackburn Chambers and the Crown Prosecutor at the ACT Department of Public Prosecutions. He now makes appearances in civil, criminal, and administrative cases.

According to Whybrow’s LinkedIn profile, he was the Crown Prosecutor at ACT Director of Public Prosecutions for 11 years from 1990-2001.

Similarly, Steven acted as the Barrister for more than fifteen years, from January 2002 to November 2017, at Blackburn Chambers. The advocate has been a Barrister at Law at Key Chamber since December 2017.

He is exposed to numerous facets of Administrative, Humanitarian, and Military Discipline Law as part of his RAAF Legal Officer responsibilities.

In General Courts Martial and other Disciplinary jurisdictions, Whybrow receives a briefing from the Director of Military Prosecutions and Defence Counsel Services. In CDF Commissions of Inquiry, he represents interests and has deployed to the Middle East.

As an Assistant Inspector General for the ADF, he conducts examinations into Service-Related Deaths and other significant occurrences and evaluations of other military probes. The barrister frequently gives presentations on civil litigation, criminal law, advocacy, and evidence at legal conferences.

He has served on several groups and committees important to the development of his profession throughout his career.

Some FAQs

Where Is Steven Whybrow whereabouts?

The barrister currently resides in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

Where Is Steven Whybrow working now?

The advocate is now working as Barrister at Law at Key Chamber since December 2017.

What Is Steven Whybrow age?

Steven Whybrow has not mentioned his actual age in the media.

How Much Does Steven Whybrow Earn?

Steven Whybrow's net worth is unavailable on the online platform.

Where has Steven Whybrow worked at?

Over 12 years, Steve worked as a prosecutor in the ACT Magistrates and Supreme Courts