Who Is Shaniki Hernandez And How Old Is She? Meet The Digital Creator On Instagram

Shaniki Hernandez is a famous Balize entrepreneur and social media sensation who has recently earned a lot of attention because of her Instagram photo.

Shaniki Hernandez is a businesswoman who shot to prominence in 2018 after one of her Instagram photos was turned into a meme and got attention.

That was the start of her modeling career and the commencement of her fame. Shaniki has amassed nearly a million followers since then.

Internet memes have become one of the most popular things on the internet today, bringing smiles to millions of people and surprising fame to those who become meme material.

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Meet Shaniki Hernandez On Instagram: Where Is She From?

Shaniki Hernandez is a digital creator from Belize, Europe who goes by the handle @shanikihernandez on Instagram.

She has also acquired over 940,000 fan followers on Instagram and has posted a total of 197 posts to date. Most of her uploads are inspired by her professional career as a businesswoman and a model. 

Hernandez is a compensated content producer, a fitness fanatic, and a music video diva. On social media, she may be seen displaying her luxurious Caribbean living.

The young Belize model gives fitness encouragement and travel recommendations for exploring the country's islands and jungles. She has motivated a large number of people all over the world to pursue modeling and become self-sufficient.

Her social media fan base has grown dramatically in recent months, and she has been able to secure various sponsorship deals and brand endorsements in addition to modeling.

Shaniki Hernandez Wikipedia Is Missing: Her Age Uncovered

Shaniki Hernandez has yet to be featured in the Wikipedia Standard article, which includes a brief biography. She is currently 22 years old.

As per the source, Shaniki was born in Belmopan, Belize, on March 8, 2000, and spent most of her childhood there.

She received her education at the University of Belize, where she majored in business science. She has crowned Miss Toledo Belize at the age of 18.

Hernandez was a passionate soccer player during her childhood, participating in competitive sports in elementary, intermediate, and tertiary school.

The European digital creator is Afro-Latina who has one sister and two brothers. She is the mom of her two sons, but she has kept their identities and other facts a secret so far.

Shaniki Hernandez Boyfriend Is MIA

Shaniki Hernandez has not shared any details regarding her boyfriend until now. 

In fact, the Belize beauty hasn't revealed anything about her romantic life or relationship on any of her social media accounts.

As a result, we may presume Hernandez is currently single and focuses solely on her professional job rather than dating.

She appears to be a reserved person who tries to keep her personal life to herself. If something comes up, we will let you know as soon as we have more information.

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