Reality television personality Sean Sticks Larkin is also a former police officer. Earlier, he introduced PD Cam on A&E. The YouTube podcast Coptales & Cocktails is hosted by the celebrity.

Since the age of 23, Sticks has been a police officer in Tulsa. He changed his career to writing for television shows and creating content after receiving numerous new chances.

Quick Facts

Name Sean Sticks Larkin
Ex- partner Tammy Jean Stocks,
ProfessionPolice Officer
Relationship statusMarried

Who Is Sean Larkin New Wife After Divorce With Tammy Jean Stocks?

In January 2022, Sticks Sean Larkin wed his girlfriend. He is a father to two children. Larkin rarely speaks publicly about his partner, and very little is known about him.

The TV star has had a lot of ups and downs in her colorful and romantic life. He married Tammy Jean Stocks in the late 1990s. After divorcing Tammy, he began dating famed singer Lana Del Rey.

Meet Sean Stick girlfriend
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The first time Lana and Sean made headlines was when they were seen together in Central Park in New York City. In December 2019, they made their romance public on Instagram.

Sean and Lana shared some stunning images on the photo-sharing website. After dating for six months, they called it quits in March 2020.

Sean Sticks wed his fiancee on January 22 of this year. The Back Live PD page shared a cute video on Facebook to celebrate the newlyweds.

The 48-year-old has been successful in keeping his love life off the internet and in the public eye. It's noteworthy that while there is no evidence to support this assertion, several websites suggest Larkin is single.

Who Is Sean Sticks Ex Wife Tammy Jean Stocks?

As of 2020, Tammy Jean Stocks' wiki details had been kept private. Other details, such as her age, relationships with people, occupation, and dating propensity, were easily available.

Tammy and Sean "Sticks" Larkin valued a happy marriage for what it had modified into. They received their first minute one, Alyssa, a minute fraction of one, in August 1997.

Meet Sean Larkins family
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In March 2003, the couple had two children and was blessed with an additional child. Their son was given the name Patrick by Tammy and Sean, who was then her husband.

Alyssa attended the College of Oklahoma, majoring in psychology and dietary science. Tammy and Sean had two important years together, but their relationship worsened over time. As a result, the pair chose.

Due to his hectic schedule, Sean Sticks Larkin divorced Tammy Jean Stocks. In the 1990s, they started dating and were wed for more than six years. Sean raised them as single parents after their divorce.

Alyssa is presently studying nutrition and physiology in college. Patrick, though, hasn't received much media attention. Online rumors claim that Tamm and Sean got along well throughout the first several months of their separation.

They do not communicate with one another and have a tense relationship.

How Much Is Sean Larkins Net Worth In 2022?

By 2022, Sean Larkin expects his net worth to be about $500,000.

Sean Larkin decided to join the Tulsa Police Department after finishing high school, where he initially worked as an intern.

Later on, he was able to grow and build a fantastic career, and he has now worked for the Tulsa Police Department for more than 20 years. He joined the Gang Unit for a while, then, in a similar vein, he joined the Live PD television show from Big Fish Entertainment.

Sean Larkin is a well known personality
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Larkin worked on the program as an analyst and co-host, and its main focus was on the nighttime patrols that the police carried out and other activities they engaged in throughout their shifts.

Larkin also had his show, called PD Cam, which was broadcast on the A&E Network. The policeman also made an appearance on the same network's Her Ink show, where he was seen receiving a tattoo.

One of the love relationships he had at some point in his life is the reason he is so well-known. People started giving him more attention after it was discovered that he had started courting Lana Del Rey, a well-known and talented American singer.