Who Is Robin Khuda's Wife, Melea Walker-Khuda? Here's A Look At CEO Of AirTrunk Relationship

Robin Khuda, Founder and CEO of AirTrunk ( Source : Domain )

42-year-old Robin Khuda is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of AirTrunk.

AirTrunk is an the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) technology company specializing in scaling and sustaining the relentless growth of the Pacific Asian region through its data center platform. AirTrunk's data center platform is the largest in the area and operates in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Net Worth:$600 Million
Wife:Melea Walker-Khuda

The company combines Asia-Pacific insight with its world-class data center design to power companies in the region mentioned above. These data centers house organizations' critical and proprietary assets, which are vital to the continuity of daily operations.

As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Khuda oversees the day-to-day operation and focuses on AirTrunk's expansion in Asia and Japan. Khuda, who started the company in January 2015, is a pioneer in optimizing and popularizing the importance of data concerning the future of business. 

He is also a philanthropist who opened The Khuda Family Foundation in April 2020 to contribute to the growth and wellbeing of the region he is in charge of. The organization focuses on STEM skills development, women in technology, mental health, and domestic violence prevention.

Who Is Robin Khuda's Wife, Melea Walker-Khuda? 

Melea Walker-Khuda, the wife of Robin Khuda, is a private person who shies away from public life, unlike her husband.

They have two children together, but the information about them, as with most of their family life, has been hidden from the public. Still, going by the few photos that Melea Walker has allowed into the view of the public shows that she is a warm and loving mother who is very much involved in her children's life. 

One example is how she gushed over her daughter's performance at the Mosman Dance Academy and proudly showed her off to the world. Though Melea may not have a sizeable public life, by no means is she a hermit who hides completely.

On the other hand, many of her friends have described her as lovely and are known to various frequent establishments with and without children in tow.

The property Robin Khuda and his wife bought
The property Robin Khuda and his wife bought( Source : Afr )

One thing both husband and wife have in common, however, is their love of house hunting. They are famous for this activity and are known as long-time trophy house hunters locally.

This reputation halted last year when they bought a mansion of a double block on Balmoral Avenue for about $19.5 million. Khuda and his wife have stated that they plan to develop the site into their family home. 

This purchase has made the Khudas quite popular in Sydney real estate. Many real estate magazines have featured their house on their pages.

CEO Of AirTrunk Robin Khuda's Net Worth Is More Than $600 Million

Yes, Robin Khuda has an estimated net worth of $600 million, an impressive debut in the richest in the world lists.

His net worth mostly comes from the 10 percent stake he holds in AirTrunk despite selling out to Macquarie's infrastructure arm-led consortium in April 2020.

AirTrunk has a valuation that exceeds $5 billion, which is no surprise as it keeps building server racks across its home region of the Asia-Pacific in a race to meet the demands of cloud computing giants.

One of the half a dozen Data Centers under AirTrunk
One of the half a dozen Data Centers under AirTrunk( Source : Airtrunk )

Khuda has played the long game by tying up all the money he made from the Macquarie transaction into a property.

Besides the $19.5 million house he bought for his family mentioned above, Khuda has also splurged on Mosman and Palm Beach trophy homes whose value exceeds $70 million.

Of course, the housing market is never set in stone and is notoriously victim to ups and down, but Khuda's actions will affect his net worth and most certainly in an upwards trajectory.

Robin Khuda's Age And Wiki Bio

Robin Khuda is alleged to be 42 years old; however, his exact age might be off by a year as he has not made his date of birth public.

Khuda is a man who defines himself with his achievements rather than where he came from. His experience stretches back to almost two decades ago when he started his career as a Finance Manager at SingTel Optus Limited, where he worked from 2001 to 2006. 

In the decades since, he has worked his way up from a manager to General Manager to CFO and penultimately an Executive Director in NEXTDC Limited, which was his most high-profile job before AirTrunk.

However, founding AirTrunk moved him from the category of a competent and talented businessman to one of the wealthiest people in the world.

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Robin Khuda Nationality And Origin - Is He Indian? 

Robin Khuda's nationality is Australian, and he is proud to flaunt it whenever he can.

The specifics beyond this get tricky as Khuda has not revealed his exact origins, instead content with just stating that he is Australian. Although Khuda's ethnicity seems South Asian, until he confirms or denies this, there is no way to be sure.

However, Khuda's achievements, net worth, and the accolades he has received more than speak for any questions anyone can ask him. 

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