Who Is Rebecca Ziba On Instagram? Zambian Student Arrested In Russia For 'Nazism'

Rebecca Ziba, a Zambian student had been held by Russian police for posting her intolerable video.

Rebecca Ziba, a student from Zambia has been charged with criminal negligence after dancing in front of a war memorial in Russia.

She was identified by local media as the lady who released a video of herself dancing near the Memorial of Glory in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Who Is Rebecca Ziba On Instagram?

Rebecca Ziba is a 21-year-old student. she became a suspect in breaking Part 4 of Article 354.1 of the Russian Federation's Criminal Code, which "provides for responsibility for the rehabilitation of Nazism."

Social media could be a very sensitive matter. There are many cases of people getting into trouble for posting photos, videos, or write-ups that could be legally not accepted.

In Rebecca's case, everyone must be aware of their activities on social media. It is sad how a student ended up being arrested for her irresponsible action.

Her video has been circulated on other social media as well. You can view it by clicking here. On her Instagram post she wrote, "(I'm) sure they are sleeping (well) tonight."

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Rebecca Ziba, Zambian Student Arrested In Russia For 'Nazism' 

Upon Rebecca Ziba, the Zambian Student was arrested she said, "I didn't want my video to be offensive or disrespectful to the dead, so I didn't share it."

"I had no idea what the memorial meant." "Please accept my heartfelt apologies to everyone." Her act, however, was labeled as "obscene" and "insulting" by Russian investigators. 

They have also labeled the video's caption as "offensive." She is a grown-up lady, any one of her age will be able to know how her actions could create a serious issue. 

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Why Rebecca Ziba Is Arrested? - Jail Sentence And Mugshot

Rebecca Ziba is arrested as she posted her dancing video, which was offensive to the Russian authorities. If found guilty of "desecrating a symbol of Russia's military glory," she faces up to three years in prison.

In addition, she would be fine up to 3 million roubles. According to euronews, The Glory Memorial in Khanty-Mansiysk honors soldiers who died fighting Nazi Germany during the "Great Patriotic War."

The Russian Investigative Committee also released a video of Rebecca Ziba confessing and apologizing for her acts in what looks to be an interrogation chamber.

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