Who Is Randy Santel's Wife, Katina DeJarnett? Here's A Look At Their Relationship

Randy Santel and Katina pictured before leaving on their international travels, starting with Dublin, Ireland in June 2022.
Randy Santel and Katina pictured before leaving on their international travels, starting with Dublin, Ireland in June 2022.( Source : instagram )

Randy Santel is a video creator and a social media influencer who is also a record Holder of Worldwide Food Challenge Wins.

The pro eater and world traveler have involvement in the entrepreneurial and body-building sectors. Likewise, he also has a fan following of over one million subscribers on YouTube and Facebook.

That's not that; the American professional eater Randy Santel also serves as a founder and owner of FoodChallenges and has won restaurant food challenges in all 50 states plus 37 countries around the world.

Likewise, the videos of his eating competition can also be found on his YouTube and Facebook channels. Given his growing social media, he uses these platforms to support “mom & pop” small businesses and corporate restaurants by showcasing their menus and challenges across the world. 

He recently made it to the news for promoting an Ayrshire business.

Age (as of 2022)36
Date of BirthJune 24, 1986
Place Of BirthUnited States
ParentsJoe Santel, Karen Santel
SiblingsShelley Santel
GirlfriendKatina Eats Kilos
OccupationYouTuber, Professional Food eater

Who Is Randy Santel Wife, Katina DeJarnett? 

Randy Santel's future wife, Katina DeJarnett, is a professional Eater or entertainer. 

Like Santel, she also serves as a YouTube personality and got her to start with big eating after competing in a local bodybuilding show in 2019. What followed after is that she soon began showing eating stunts, spicy food challenges, and cheat days on her YouTube channel.

In addition, Katina also gives a tour of the country to find restaurant challenges.

More Sandel's partner, Katina, is committed to providing family-friendly entertainment and is passionate about helping small businesses and restaurants promote themselves by showcasing their food and services. 

Talking about her education, she owns a Bachelor of Education in Kinesiology & Physical Education degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Similarly, she has plenty of experience with nutrition, fitness, and weight management as a professional eater.

Randy Santel's eating partner Katina in competition is also his real life girlfriend.
Randy Santel's eating partner Katina in competition is also his real life girlfriend. ( Source : instagram )

How Randy Santel And His Partner Katina Met?

Randy Santel and Katina firstly met in 2020. 

In June 2020, he got an invitation to Riverside Pizza in Nenana, Alaska. The invite was for him to attempt their undefeated 10 to 11 lb “Garbage Can” Pizza Challenge, and for the challenge, he needed a partner. 

He searched for a fellow YouTuber Katina DeJarnett and probed her. After she said yes to the offer of being his partner in the challenge, she joined him for the full 9-day tour, attempting 5 different food challenges. Later, gradually, the two advanced their relationship to the next level as lovers.

The pair began dating shortly after following a summer restaurant tour in Alaska. And now, while touring the USA and globe together, dominating restaurant challenges, the couple is currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. ​

Randy Santel Net Worth In 2022

Randy Santel's net worth estimate is between $400,000 to $2 million. 

Given his income sources from YouTube, prize money from various eating competitions, and social media, he might have accumulated a significant amount.

Well, Santel once won $1500 for a competition of finishing a three-pound burger, a 16-ounce milkshake, and one pound of fries in just over 15 minutes at Burgers & Blues in Mississippi.

According to Social Blade, he earns $987 to $15,000 per month as per estimation, given his growing views and subscribers on YouTube at the time of this post. Likewise, his estimated yearly earnings are between $11,000 to $189,000 and respectively his estimated daily income is noted as $25 to $398. 

Randy Santel might have racked up significant income from competition wins, Youtube, etc.
Randy Santel might have racked up significant income from competition wins, Youtube, etc. ( Source : instagram )

Randy Santel's Family Bio

Randy Santel seems likely to have plans to wean the married life with his current partner Katina. And one thing is they still maintain the same loving relationship they had when they initially got into a romantic involvement.

The two could be seen together most of the time, whether wandering the nations or accepting and competing in the food challenges.

Randy Santel's family consists of his father, Joe Santel, and his mother Karen Santel. He is not the only child of his beloved parents, as he has a younger sister named Shelley Santel. 

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