Who Is Noname Trapper? Dave Chappelle Attacker Identified As A Rapper

Isaiah Lee, better known by his stage name Noname trapper, is an American rapper and vocalist from Los Angeles, California. Born & Die in the Trap (2020), I Love ur Thoughts, and I Hate ur Thoughts are among his albums.

Raffstar and Plumbo are two of his most well-known tunes. He also owns the label Beyond Billion Records.

On June 24, 1998, Noname trapper was born Isaiah Arias Lee in Brooklyn, New York. Joy Chatel, his grandmother, adopted him when he was a baby. At the age of 16, Noname trapper relocated to Los Angeles, California. After the death of his loving grandmother, he moved to Los Angeles.

Who Is Noname Trapper And Why Is He Famous All Of Sudden

The 23-year-old alleged attacker, Noname Trapper, whose actual name is Isaiah Lee, is a self-described rapper who goes by the moniker NoName Trapper. On Spotify, he has a song called Dave Chapelle from his 2020 album.

He also has a sizable social media following, with 32k followers and just 80 people he follows, one of them is Dave. He shared a weird video of himself with a filter that gave him a bleeding nose and devil horns the other day.

Lee rushed and tackled Dave when he was on stage at The Hollywood Bowl Tuesday night, allegedly wielding a faux gun and knife, as we previously reported.

After taking a hard hit and collapsing, Dave Chapelle's squad came in and gave the guy a serious beating.

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Did Noname Trapper Attacked Dave Chappelle On A Live Show

Details About Noname Trapper Jail Sentence And Mugshot

Noname Trapper was beaten up and charged with criminal assault with a deadly weapon. He's now being held on a bond of $30,000.

The brother of the Noname Trapper, who was arrested for assaulting Dave Chappelle onstage at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday, says he's taken aback by the incident and wants people to know that his younger sibling has struggled with mental health difficulties and has been homeless.

Isaiah Lee stormed the stage at the Netflix Is a Joke event on Tuesday night and tackled the comedian before security intervened and the cops came; he was also in possession of a replica gun that could discharge a knife blade, according to reports.

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