A shooting occurred in Field's shopping mall in Copenhagen, Denmark. According to the people on Twitter and Reddit, Noah Esbensen is the killer.

However, the police are yet to confirm the identity of the person they arrested.

On July 3, 2022, a person carrying a deer rifle goes inside the shopping mall and shoots several people.

Many people inside the mall took videos of the incident which showed the frightened people running away and the killer with the rifle searching for them.

Who Is Noah Esbensen On Reddit? Killer Of Fields Mall Copenhagen Shooting Identified

According to posts on Twitter and Reddit, Noah Esbensen is the suspected shooter of the Field's Mall shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Police are yet to confirm and reveal the name of the shooter who shot and killed several people in the incident.

The incident occurred on July 3, 2022, in Denmark's second-largest shopping mall, Filed's.

The Copenhagen police arrested a 22-year-old Danish man. Though people on Twitter quickly identify the man as Noah Esbensen, no official confirmation is yet done by the police.

The man was arrested alive, and the photo shows his backside and the sleeveless black jacket he wore.

Netizens were quick to tag the man as a person on Youtube who had posted two videos on his channel where he is seen attempting suicide with two guns.


This signifies that the man is mentally unstable and is suffering from either of the above-mentioned diseases.

However, be noted that the police have yet to reveal the man's identity. The hunting rifle used in the mall shooting matches the rifle in the Youtube video. 

Noah Esbensen Video Footage On Twitter

The footage of Noah Esbenses, the alleged killer, with a rifle in his hand, has gone viral on Twitter. In the video, he is seen walking inside the Field's shopping mall with a deer rifle in his hand, looking for people.



The horrific video is clicked by a scared person inside the shopping mall while remaining hidden.

The man wearing a sleeveless black jacket and black quarter pants is seen carrying the rifle on his shoulder and searching for people.

Later in the video, the man runs towards a scared crowd to kill the people. The incident has shaken the usually peaceful country and created a social media stir regarding gun control and violence in Europe.

Fields Skyderi Video On Twitter

The Fields Skyderi videos of people running away from the man with the rifle have gone viral on Twitter. It shows people running in fear as a couple of gunshots are heard in the background.



Video of people screaming and running away for their dear life in the Field's shopping mall has been taken by a person and uploaded to Youtube.

The video has been shared multiple times on Twitter as people witness the horrific incident in Copenhagen.

Noah Esbensen Ethnic Group

Noah Esbensen is a Danish person who is of a Scandinavian ethnic background. More details about him are yet to be disclosed.

The police are yet to confirm that the person they arrested is, in fact, Noah Esbensen. People on the internet have traced the person to Noah by looking at the now-deleted videos on Youtube.

There has been a lot of criticism on social media directed at Youtube and its content policy.

The videos of the man playing with a gun in an apparent attempt at suicide were not taken down in a whole day.

The video was taken down only after the damage was done, the Field's mall shooting occurred, and several people reportedly died.

Had the video been examined by Youtube and notified the police, the incident would have been prevented.

Is Noah Esbensen Arrested?

The police have arrested a person. People suspect that the man is a person named Noah Esbensen. However, his real name is yet to be disclosed. 

According to footage found on the internet clicked by the people inside the shopping mall, it is all but official that the killer is, in fact, Noah Esbensen, who is suffering from some mental illness or depression.

The reason behind the shooting is unknown, as an official press release regarding the incident has not been done yet.

At least three people were sent to a trauma center after the shooting.