Nicole Walters is an entrepreneur and Tv personality who was married to her husband, Josh Walters.

She is a former top-selling corporate executive who left her job to start her own business.

She began her career by working as a

As her father was an immigrant, Walters had a tough childhood, so earning money and looking after the kids were hard for her father. Nicole's father was a cab driver, but he didn't let the circumstances bring him down.

Her father pulled extra shifts so that he could send her to the top school in the state and taught her the value of hard work.

Although her childhood was hard, she didn't let it affect the goal she had in her life, and now she is living her dreams of having her own business.

NameNicole Walter
ResidenceAtlanta, Georgia, United States
ProfessionEntrepreneur, CEO

Who Is Nicole Walters' Husband, Josh Walters?

Nicole Walters was married to her husband, Josh Walters, but they seem to have been divorced.

Nicole and Josh got married in around 2009. They met each other through an online site called OkCupid. 

When they interacted online, Josh was fresh out of law school and was looking to move to Baltimore. So, she gave him her number to call if he ever decided to move to Baltimore with no expectation of receiving calls from him.

But everything changed when he called her, and they went out on several dates before being friends, then turned into couples.

They had been married for about ten years when they decided to get a divorce from each other.

Nicole Walters' Married Life

Nicole shed some light on her married life in 2016. She shared that people think her marriage is happy and happy, but like other couples, they are not always happy.

She revealed that within two years into the marriage, they would get divorced, resulting in Nicole taking leas out of the apartment.

But the couples didn't want their marriage to fall, so they worked it out. During that time, she was also venturing into entrepreneurship which was not easy to handle, alongside maintaining a marriage life. 

Nicole Walters' ex- Husband Josh in the show, She's the Boss.
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She shared the book, Fighting for marriage by Howard J. Markman, Scott M. Stanley, and Susan L. Blumberg, alongside prayers that helped her marriage from getting divorced.

In the post, Nicole also said it was their eighth anniversary, and their marriage survived the raging storms.

How Many Children Does Nicole Walters Have?

Nicole is a mother to her three children, who are adopted by her and her ex-husband Josh.

Her children's names are Daya, Krissy, and Ally, who were adopted about seven years ago.

Nicole Walters and her then husband with her three children.
Source : instagram

Nicole has no biological kids but has endless love for her daughter. The eldest one is Daya, who is in her 20s, Krissy is in her teenage years, and Ally is the youngest.

Her middle child, Krissy, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2019 when she was 18. In the first few months of diagnosis, Krissy lived in a hospital and got treatment for the disease.

Krissy's scan revealed that her cancer had reduced; in 2021, she was cancer-free. Her two daughters, Krissy and Ally, were seen in the show; she's the boss, while her eldest daughter didn't appear on the show.

Nicole Walters' Divorce And Relationship Status

Nicole divorced Josh and recently shared it in one of her Facebook posts.

She seems to have gotten divorced from Josh two years before but has not talked about it till today.

Nicole Walters shares about her divorce and dating in the new episode of her podcast.
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Nicole also shared that she has been dating someone who has loved her for who she is and has accepted her three children.

She will talk more about it in the recent episode of her podcast, The Nicole Walters.

Nicole Walters' Weight Loss

Nicole Walters has undergone drastic changes in her body, and people have noticed that she has lost some weight.

She talked about her weight loss journey and how she gained the body by going gym seriously two years ago.

Nicole noticed that after going gym for two years, she had seen a significant transformation in her muscle tone, body shape, and stamina.

Nicole Walter's Weight loss journey 

Nicole's Weight loss journey was not easy; it was lots of back and forth with weight gains and losses over the ten years.

She started seeing significant body changes when she went to the gym seriously for two years. She had many before then after again, and in the two years, she worked continuously to see the results.

Nicole Walters weight loss journey began in 2012 and she has finally got her dream body.
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She also shared that what might have worked for her might not work for others as the physical bodies of every individual are different.

She started her weight loss journey by seeing a doctor who looked after her full blood work panel and then seeing a licensed/certified nutritionist or dietician.

They will help you to follow a diet regime to maintain your body and also to seek therapy if a person wants to understand why and how you've made health choices or deprioritized your well-being.

One must stick to the diet plan given by a dietician or nutritionist. She shared that there is no need for internet tricks or hacks or a fancy meal plan, but one needs to commit to hard recovery, new habits, and consistency. 

How Rich Is Nicole Walters In 2022?

The net worth of Nicole Walters is estimated to be about $3 million to $5 million in 2022.

She has earned millions of dollars from her business ventures, and through the show, She's the boss.

Nicole used to run her blog, where she shared with people how to achieve their dream job or work and through which she earned 11,000 dollars within the first three weeks from the blog.

Nicole Walter's Career

 Nicole Walters has been mentioned in Forbes for her Inherit learning company in 2021
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Nicole began her career by working for

around 3.5 million dollars in 2020. Similarly, the company's revenue increased to about ten million in 2021.

She earns well from her business, podcast, and reality show. Her net worth in 2021 was estimated to be around five million dollars.

Similarly, she is launching her memoir book next year, which will also help her earn money through book sales.