Who Is Nicki Smith? Meet Dell Curry's New Girlfriend On Instagram

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Nicki Smith has been identified as Dell Curry's new girlfriend.

She came into the public interest after being spotted with Dell Curry in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Friday night. There, they were cheering Curry's son Stephan, an NBA superstar.

As we know, Smith's partner Curry is the former husband of Sonya. But things started heating up after both Dell and his ex-wife Sonya accused each other of extramarital affair and cheating on each other's back. Thus the over 20 years of marriage suddenly came to an end and resulted in divorce in June because of this so-called fling. 

Let's learn more about the new lover of Dell Curry, who is speculated to be one of the reasons for the breakup of the Curry couple.

Who Is Nicki Smith? Dell Curry's New Girl

Dell Curry's rumored new girl Nicki Smith is the ex-wife of then-athlete Steven.

The online users expressed their shock after they came to learn that NBA Stephen's parents are dating their respective new partners' lovers. In simple terms, Nicki Smith was previously married, and the coincidence is she was in a marital relationship with her boyfriend Dell's ex-wife Sonya's current partner Steven Johnson, who was an NFL player.

Dell Curry’s new partner and Sonia’s new man used to be married. Some Twitter users commented that they felt something fishy in the relationship, and some even guessed if they did couple swaps as the coincidence was unexpected.

Nicki Smith Dating Life

Nicki Smith is previously found to be dating Steven Johnson, who happens to be her current lover's wife's partner.

Likewise, Nicki and Steven are even parents to their children Lexi and Steve Johnson. They reportedly have known and had familiarity with each other for years.

Some have even tweeted their assumptions about Nicki and Dell's swap relations. As per the tweet, the story continues with either Dell or Sonya having had an affair partner. And when the affair was exposed, the non-cheaters between Dell and Sonya bonded with the affair partner's spouse as a way of coping and then started dating.

Nicki Smith Net Worth 2022

Being a non-public figure, Nicki Smith has her net worth in wraps, whereas her beau Dell Curry has earnings above $8 million.

Given his successful tenure in the professional basketball sector, the 57 years old figure might have banked up good fortunes.

And, talking about the divorced Smith, she might have probably obtained alimony from her separation from her husband. Perhaps, because of this, Nicki might have a decent amount in the collection.

Nicki Smith Age Difference- Where Is Nicki Smith From? 

Nicki Smith does not appear to have a huge age difference with Dell.

Judging from her visual appearance, we guess her age to be in her 40s or 50s. Well, we can say that she seems pretty younger than Curry in pictures, while the exact age gap values are unknown.

Nicki Smith is currently residing with her partner Curry in the US. Since Curry has not disclosed more about their respective partners, the explorations are limitedly done.

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