Who Is Mursel Mistanoglu? ANNA MARIE Campisi Husband Age, Is She Pregnant Now?- 90 Day Fiance

Muriel Mustangolu and Anna Marie Campisi are expecting their first child. Let's find out more about the couple and their life.

Muriel Mustanglu and Marie Campisi were the contestants on the American Reality Show 90 days Fiance. They met in the Season 7 of the show, and after three years of getting married, they are expecting their first child.

The couple announced this on their Instagram, posting a picture of a yellow jumpsuit that read Future Bee Keeper May 2022.

She had posted a selfie with her husband and a photo of an ultrasound. Before, she had faced issues with fertility and now is expecting their child through surrogacy. 

Anna has three children from her previous relationship. They are all boys.

Anna Marie Campisi's Husband: Who Is He and How Old Is He?

The husband of Anna Marie is Muriel Mustangolu. He is from Turkey, and Anna is from Nebraska.

Anna and Muriel are both 39 years old.

Anna and her husband Muriel got married in 2019 on the show. They both loved beekeeping and had met online in a beekeeping group. They both connected through their profession of beekeeping.

They had various problems in their relationship. Muriel's parents were not ready to accept Anna as she was divorced and was not a Muslim. They did not even know each other's native language. However, they overcame the difficulties and got together.

Their parents got a change of heart, and then the couple got married in September 2019. But the parents of Muriel do not know that Anna has three children from her previous marriage.

However, they are living their life happily with their family and children.

Anna Marie And Muriel Mustangolu's Job And Their Net Worth 2022

Anna Marie is the owner of a company called Beauty and Bees Honey. The company sells honey and beeswax products. She often visits local bee farms and events. Her husband Muriel Mustahgolu works in the TLC channel.

Ther net worth is not yet revealed.

They are having their baby through surrogacy and are very happy about it. Fans were seen showering love and blessings to the couple for their new beginnings as parents. They are currently in their 32 weeks.

They are expecting a baby boy. In June 2021, during the episode of 90-day diaries, they were seen exploring fertility clinics to expand their family.

Anna and Musrel are both active on their respective social media handles. Anna has about 302K followers, while her husband has 47K followers.

Anna regularly posts on her Instagram account. Anna has also posted photos of her three children. The three boys are Joey, Gino, and Leo.

The couple prefers spending time with each other and their children at home.

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