Mecharandom42 is a YouTuber and also a Twitch streamer.

She also has involvement in the television series MechaRandom42, where she works as a producer. Likewise, she started this show in 2017, and it has crossed 140 episodes.

She expresses opinions and rants about pop culture, Star Trek, Star Wars, and geek stuff on her Talk Show. On the other hand, she is involved as a writer, director, editor, etc. 

Who Is Mecharandom42? 

Mecharandom42 is a member of The Fandom Menace.

On her YouTube, she talks 90% parody, not at all a news source. She also has comedic takes, opinions & rants about pop culture, weird society, entertainment, Star Trek, Star Wars, and geek stuff.

She also wrote that she might be a robotic alien observer of her viewers' world. She also complains about the current state of nerdy stuff with a retro spin. She mocks things and even stated not to take her seriously.

About her whereabouts, she resides in the United States. MechaRandom42 is a media personality who constantly rants and makes up parodies about Discovery. She also posts clickbait videos on how the show is doomed.

According to one Reddit user, she is a reactor and makes no secret of that, and is clear that the subjects of her videos are reactions and opinions. 

Mecharandom42 Controversy With Chris Hunter

Four years ago, Mecharandom42 got surrounded by a big controversy between her and the original Christoper Pike actor Jeffery Hunter's son, Chris Hunter.

After intentionally lying about the show and spreading false narratives about Discovery, Chris Hunter, who had enough of that, began calling her out specifically in the media. In addition, he began threatening her online and asking his followers to brigade her; thus, he crossed lines there.

Following this, some of Mecharandom's supporters even retaliated by turning this into a story of how she's a pure Star Trek fan and all those who disagree with her.

As noted on Reddit, she even complained about "SJW," feminists, virtue-signaling, and many more. That's not all; she also took it upon herself to make fun of developmentally disabled kids to score a few cheap points with other haters, posting a picture of a Starship as a "Short Bus."

Has Mecharandom42 Done A Face Reveal?

Mecharandom42 has already done her face reveals and does not disguise anymore as many other streamers do.

She has been open about her real appearance since before and streams while revealing her face. Her name is MechaRandom on IMDb. However, the public figure has not yet disclosed her real name.

Mecharandom42 Net Worth In 2022

Mecharandom42's net worth is estimated to be $9000.

With more than 60k subscribers, she made $31 - $490 in estimated monthly earnings as per Social Blade. Likewise, her yearly estimated earnings are $367 to $5,900.