Who Is Lumpy Boy, Is He Related To Ian Hecox? Dance Video Goes Viral On Internet

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Lumpy Boy is the artifact created by Will McDaniel that gained fame among the netizens.

Lumpy Boy is getting famous on the web. TikTok has always accommodated anything from dancing, singing, business, or other creations.

People comment on Twitter about Will's creations. Some of them said, "Here's my doodle of the adorable dancing lumpy boy for Will."

Who Is Lumpy Boy? His Relation To Ian Hecox

Lumpy Boy is one of the creations of web star, Will McDaniel. Lumpy Boy and Ian Hecox do not seem related. However, Will has another creation named Ian Octagon,

@will_mcdaniel ⚠️fake blood⚠️ the little dancing lumpy boy! #weird #dancing #puppet ♬ original sound - Will McDaniel

Ian Hecox is a well-known YouTube personality, comedian, and influencer from Sacramento, California, United States. His self-titled YouTube channel is where he is best known for his humorous stuff.

Will McDaniel was born on August 2, 1988. He is an English YouTuber and filmmaker noted for his unsettling characters including Break-Up Buddy, Tape Worm Terry, Mr Spatula Lipstick Face, and all the weird and exceptional quality of his films.

Even John Legend might like to see Dancing Lumpy Boy in his blind audition in "The Voice." 

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Learn About Lumpy Boy Dance That Goes Viral On Internet 

Lumpy Boy Dance went viral on the Internet. Will McDaniel has got many such creations. If you find Lumpy Boy cute and want to see such cuties, follow Will on his Instagram page.

He has created his Instagram account under the username @willmcdanielyt. He has got over 8K followers and 186 posts as of April 2022.

Will is the video creator, we can see many of his creations like Kevis, Grotto, Trying Candy, Towel Talk, and more on the story part of his Instagram page. 

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Know Lumpy Boy Net Worth - How Rich Is He?

Lumpy Boy is the creation of Will McDaniel. He created many weird things. His creations might be sometimes disturbing to many, but he knows how to present them in a funny way.

Lumpy Boy creator Will's estimated net worth, according to "Net Worth Post" is $950,000 approximately. He is 33 years old man and still doing his best to raise more.

He will for sure make more fortune in the coming days. He has a tutorial presented on his Youtube channel for making the Little Dancing Lumpy Boy, it is attached above.

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