Lisa Desort is best known for being the mom of Azsia Johnson, who was killed and passed away unexpectedly.

This devastating mother has poured out her heart and shared all her grief with the public, who has also revealed the suspect involved in her daughter's murder.

Lisa Desort has come to public interest following the incident of her child Johnson's murderer. She is currently on the seek-out for justice for her poor and innocent daughter, who had a whole new life ahead of her and her little child too. 

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Who Is Lisa Desort? Mother Of Woman Azsia Johnson Shot Dead On A Sidewalk 

Lisa Desort is the mother of the 20-year-old young woman Azsia, an aspirant nurse, who was shot and killed on a sidewalk.

According to The New York Post, the deceased's pain-stricken mom revealed that her daughter Johnson had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend in Jamaica about six months ago. During that time, Azsia was six months pregnant with her child. 

Lisa Desort also claimed that the murderer is her daughter's former boyfriend who triggered a gun at her and shot her to death. That's not all; she has even recently slammed the cops for not protecting her daughter from the gunman well.

Despite reporting the case of assault and harassment to the law enforcement agencies, the police did not arrest him as said by the heart broken Lisa. She also stated that the police knew what apartment the harasser lived in but regardless of it, they failed to apprehend and arrest him. Well, the grief-stricken mother blamed the whole city for failing to protect her daughter.

Lisa Desort Age And Wiki

Lisa Desort's age might probably be over 40 years old.

She is a helpless mother who is fighting alone to bring her daughter to justice who was mercilessly killed without getting justice. Thus, she believes that the whole city is to be blamed for the mishappening that happened to her daughter and for failing to protect the city's individuals.

Desort told the web portals that she and her daughter informed the police about the man who continued “stalking” and harassing her daughter. They called the police for help, but to no avail, and thus a satisfactory output was not generated. She believes if the police authorities took their matters seriously, her daughter would have been alive now.

What Happened To Lisa Desort Daughter Azsia? 

Lisa Desort's daughter was the victim of domestic violence and harrasment. Later, it is assumed that this led to the escalation of the abuse which eventually came to an end with her daughter's death.

What happened was her beloved daughter was killed when she was pushing the 3-month-old baby in a stroller on the Upper East Side. But who knew that it would be her last day and time with the newborn child and that she would be leaving the world. 

And, the suspicions have pointed their hands at the child's father. She made a disclosure that the ex-boyfriend continued stalking and harassing her daughter. As per the mom, they called the police numerous times to tell the domestic violence unit that her daughter was being stalked and the stalker was even harrowing her. But, the response they got was so frail that it also became one of the reasons for an innocent woman's death.