Kathy Plomer is the democratic candidate nominated for the Colorado State Board of Education At-Large seat. 

She has been the Democratic candidate to get nominated for the Colorado State Board of Education. People are undoubtedly showing love and support for the school leader and public health service.

As per Ballotpedia, On November 8, 2022, she took part in the ballot in the general election. She advanced from the Democratic primary on June 28, 2022.

Is Kathy Plomer a better candidate for the Colorado State Board of Education at-large seat? Below we've disclosed a few services and work experiences backed up with detailed research.

By scrutinizing her professional background, Plomer was the Adams 12 Five Star Schools board member in Colorado for many years, representing District 3. She joined the office in 2013 and quit on December 1, 2021. Broomfield Enterprise reported she works for the Trinity County Health Department.

She has twenty years of public health experience serving people and the community for the betterment of their life. Besides that, Kathy served 12 years as a parent volunteer and became a chair of the Mission Committee Church.

Kathy Plomer previously worked as a school leader at Adams School Board, representing District 3.
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Who Is Kathy Plomer, Candidate Of Colorado State Board Of Education?

Kathy Plomer is a member of the Democratic political party who is running for the general election at-large seat of the Colorado State board of education. 

Talking about Kathy's educational details, Kathy Plomer received her bachelor's degree from Albion College in 1987. She later enrolled at the University of Michigan and got a high school degree in 1990.

Moving on to her career experiences, Kathy worked as a board member in the five-star education foundation and the president of the Adams 12 Board of Education. Also, Kathy served as a public health specialist and professional development for educators and public health professionals.

She is a public servant and mom of three adult kids. She will do anything to make Colorado the best place in the country, mainly for our students to receive a world-class public education that prepares them for the workforce. Today's generations are the future of our nation, and education plays a vital role in every corner of the state.

Kathy Plomer Age And Wikipedia Bio

As per Broomfield Enterprise, Kathy Plomer's age was 47 in 2013. 

As mentioned earlier, Kathy has organized campaigns in different parts of Colorado State for the upcoming primary general election.

People are joining her campaign and hearing her words about what she could do if people vote for her. Four members are competing for large seats.

They are: Kathy Plomer, Dan Maloit, Ryan Van Gundy, and Eric Bodenstab are running in the general election for the Colorado State Board of Education (At Large seat) on November 8, 2022.

Kathy Plomer's last campaign on Friday
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On November 6, Kathy shared a post on Twitter. On Friday, Kathy and her team headed to Balfour and Heather Gardens retirement communities for the campaign. To end the day, we stopped in Winter Park and Steamboat Springs. 

Who Is Kathy Plomer Married To?

Kathy Plomer has been married to her only husband, Jeff, for over twenty years. Not much is revealed about her partner, but he has supported her at every step of her life.

She also has pet animals at her house. She has three teenage kids as of 2022. She once revealed that her mom is her biggest source of inspiration. She taught her the value of getting involved and working hard for what we believe in ourselves. 

Letting you know that Kathy could make some changes if given a fair chance to her once. She helped COVID-impacted people with resources to mark challenges such as food, healthcare, and housing. 

Kathy Plomer is a mother of three kids
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How Much Did Kathy Plomer Earn? Net Worth In 2022

Kathy Plomer is an American Politician who has a net worth of $1 million as of 2022.

As per the reports, Kathy has worked in a variety of roles for 30 years.

She served for public health improvements. She was an HIV/AIDS educator when the disease was just known. In addition, Kathy even championed early detection of breast cancer since it was her part of the work while doing cancer research.