Jordy Searcy is a singer and songwriter in a relationship with Michel Janse.

Michel Janse and Jordy Searcy have been dating for a while, but recently they have been vocal and open about their relationship on their social media platforms.

They seem to spend time together and are in love. It seems Michel has found the person who loves her for who she is.

Who Is Michel Janse's Husband, Jordy Searcy?

Michel Janse has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jordy Searcy.

Michel Janse was previously married to her ex-husband Brook Smith but has gotten divorced from him.

Jordy is a singer and songwriter actively working on producing new songs. He was born in Louisiana and went to Nashville to sharpen his songwriting process.

Searcy's songs have great lyrics with stunning vocals and comprise his guitar work. He has done over 500 songs and has been credited with writing about 1,000 songs.

Jordy Searchy and Michel Jane has been dating for a while and is seen spending time with each other.
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He is 28 years old and often lives in his van, traveling to various places. He sometimes lives in Nashville, San Diego, or with his family in Alabama.

Jordy shared that he is planning on leaving the van and shifting towards the home of his friend in San Diego.

He loves to live in San Diego because he loves surfing and is 6 feet tall. Jordy has recently released his new album, Daylight June 24, 2022, and it is available on Spotify.

There are twelve songs on his album, and it was influenced by the works of Paul Simon, Pinegrove, Taylor Swift's "Folklore" album, and Phoebe Bridgers.

It is the hardest he has ever worked on an album and contains the theme of gleaming goodness from challenging situations.

Michel Janse's Divorce From Brooke Smith

Michel Janse was married to Brooke Smith in 2019, and it seemed everything was going on until the divorce news became public.

Michel and Brooke met through a dating app, and after their first date, they felt a spark between them.

Things were going smoothly for the couple, and they tied the knot after Brooke proposed to Michel. 

Michel has been recently vocal about her divorce and explained the reason behind her divorce in a video she shared in May.

She found out that her husband had been cheating behind her back, and they both didn't spend time as much as a married couple needs to.

With teary eyes, she also shared that in one instance, Brooke threw a hammer at once during an argument, which made her feel threatened and unsafe in their marriage.

She also shared that in her marriage, there was a lack of emotional support as well as a lack of physical intimacy. She also reveals how her husband met a girl whenever she was out of the home and felt devasted to be in toxic marital life.

She also shared in her new video that her ex-husband was not who she thought as there were criminal records in his name, and she felt sad to be in love with such a person who has destroyed the lives of many people, including hers.

Jordy Searcy Married Life

Michel introduced Jordy, her boyfriend, in one of the videos she shared on her Youtube channel, Michel Jane. Jordy gave a short description and stated that he was currently dating Michel.

Jordy Searcy and Michel Jane have not been married yet and are still in the dating phase. Both the couples were not looking to date anyone when they fell for each other.

Michel and Jordy in a photoshoot with each other and both looks happy with each other.
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They were going through a breakup and divorce when they met each other. The couples have a long-distance relationship but meet during Jordy's show or make time for each other in a while.

Michel is also seen attending and going to see Jordy perform in his shows, and they are compatible. 

The couple has not shared any plans for their wedding, and both are focused on growing their professional careers and maintaining their relationship.

Jordy Searcy's Net Worth In 2022

Jordy Searcy's net worth might be in thousand dollars, but the musician has not spoken much about his wealth.

He has been a singer and songwriter for a while. He amassed his net worth through his album sales and showed that he performed in various places.

He has performed more than 500 shows, and he will perform on September 10, 2022, with Juliana Zachariou in the Motorco Music Hall.

Similarly, he released his new album, Daylight, on June 26 and might have earned well from the release.


How Old is Jordy Searcy?

Jordy Searcy is 28 years old.

How tall is Jordy Searcy?

Jordy Searcy is 6 feet tall.