Joe Absolom is married to his beautiful wife, Liz Brown. Here are more details about Joe Absom’s family and wedding down below.

He is an English actor best known for his appearances as Al Large in the ITV comedy drama Doc Martin and Matthew Rose in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

He is also a radio actor; he has performed in John Peacock's "Bringing Eddie Home," a BBC Radio 4 Play of the Day.

Eddie Wallace was portrayed by Absolom, while other former EastEnders performers Bill Treacher, Edna Doré, Todd Carty, and Tilly Vosburgh also appeared in the piece.

Who Is Joe Absolom Wife, Liz Brown?

Joe Absolom exchanged marital vows with his longtime partner, Liz Brown who is his wife.

When Joe and his future wife, Liz Brown, first met in a London bar 17 years ago, the narrative of Joe and their union began. The two subsequently moved in together, which aided in their development of greater love and understanding.

Liz would visit the place where Joe was filming or shooting for movies or TV series and spend time with him. Liz paid Joe a visit in Port Issac while he began shooting Doc Martin in 2004.

Joe Absolom is from his hometown in Lewisham, London, England.
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These moments might have occurred frequently, and it may be the reason they are still having a good time together after 17 years.

Unfortunately, there is no available information on the web about Liz Brown as she has not stepped foot in the limelight of her husband.

The couple appears to live happily together as no problems between Liz and Joe have surfaced in the media.

Joe is living happily with his wife and children in Cornwall, a stunning European country.

Joe Absolom Family

Joe Absolom was born as one of the three children of his father Tom Absolom and Mother Kate Absolom.

The actor was reared and spent his childhood with his two other siblings named Dan Absolom and Cassie Absolom.

Joe's father was a professional artist who frequently sent Joe's images to a children's acting agency. Unfortunately, details about Kate are unavailable on the web.

Joe Absolom is also a radio actor.
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Absolom started acting as a result in 1990 when he was just 11 years old and appeared in a peanut butter campaign.

The artist was inspired by American professional skateboarder Tony Hawk when he was younger and aspired to follow in his footsteps.

However, with the help of his father, Joe decided to pursue acting instead than skateboarding, and now he is recognized as one of the industry's most gifted performers.

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Joe Absolom Wedding

After dating for more than 17 years, Joe and Liz decided to tie the marital knot and become husband and wife in 2019.

Joe claims their wedding got postponed because he struggled to choose the proper time to ask his fiancée to marry him.

Joe ultimately got down on one knee and proposed to her, and they got married this year in front of 150 guests and his family.

The ceremony got held at Pencarrow House in Bodmin, where Joe had previously shot scenes for Doc Martin and where rhododendrons and wisteria were in full bloom.

Similarly, it can be assumed that Brown is a supportive partner, as she stayed with Joe for such a long time and evolved through Joe’s hardships and failures on the way.

Brown and Absolom are the parents of their three adorable children. The couple became the parent of Lyla Casper and Daisy before their marriage.

He has not uploaded or posted any details or pictures of his family on his social media handle.

Where Is Joe Absolom From?

Joe Absolom is from his hometown in Lewisham, London, England.

He attended Forest Hill School as a student and first made his appearances in Sun-Pat peanut butter commercials before making his acting debut in the 1991 movie Antonia and Jane.

As Matthew Rose, Absolom debuted in the BBC serial opera EastEnders in 1997. In his first season on the program, he had limited stories. His reputation was boosted by the murder of Saskia Duncan, which started in February 1999.

Since leaving EastEnders, Absolom has been in minor parts in ITV television shows, Vincent and the 2002 British horror film Long Time Dead. He is possibly best recognized for his leading role as Bert Large's son Al in Doc Martin.

He took home £10,000 for charity after winning the celebrity edition of the TV game program Total Wipeout, which aired on September 18, 2010.

Joe even won a British Soap Award for Best Actor in 2000 for his work in EastEnders. Additionally, in 1999, he received a TV Quick Award for Best Soap Actor.

He has amassed a substantial amount of respect, celebrity, and wealth throughout his lengthy career. Speaking about his wealth, the actor currently has a net worth of $2 million.