A Connecticut man named Jameson Chapman from Deep River has been arrested following the incident where he pushed a black 11-year-old kid off his bike. 

The incident was filmed by the kid's friend, which was shown to the police by his mother, Desiree Dominique. She believed that the man was filled with racism and fueled by hatred towards people of color.

Who Is Jameson Chapman From Deep River?

Jameson Chapman is a white Connecticut man from Deep River accused of pushing an 11-year-old black boy off the bike. 

There are not many details about Jameson Chapman as he was arrested by the police following a complaint filed by the boy's mother. It is rumored that the man in a White Supremacist acted that way toward the child as hatred towards people of color.


The viral video shows the Deep River man scolding the black kid and harassing him for "being in his neighborhood." Later, the man goes on to push the kid off his bike and move forward without any regret or consideration.

While the kid named Daniel was riding a bike with his friend in Deep River, he collided with Jameson, who went to scold the little boy. After using profane language to scold the boy, Jameson then pushed the 11-year-old kid off his bike and seemingly walked off.

Man Arrested For Pushing 11-Year-Old Boy Off Bike

A Connecticut man identified as Jason Chapman is arrested for pushing an 11-year-old boy off his bike in the middle of the road. 

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Police arrested the man after they saw the video of the disgusting attack, which was filmed on camera by one of the boy's friends. The incident is believed to be driven by hate towards black people by a white supremacist racist person.

The 48-year-old Jameson Chapman was immediately arrested by police after they were called to the boy's house by his mother, Desiree Dominique, and shown the video. 

Jameson Chapman Jail Sentence And Mugshot

The jail sentence for Jameson Chapman for assaulting and pushing an 11-year-old kid is yet to be finalized. he was charged with a second-degree breach of peace, risk of injury to a child, and a third-degree assault.

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The mugshot of Jameson Chapman was released by the Connecticut State Police. According to the photo, it was confirmed that he is a white man. Since he was caught in the indecent act of hate towards a kid of the black race, it can be guessed that the man is a racist white supremacist person.

Chapman, who was held on a $10,000 bond, has been transported to Hartford Correction Center and is due to appear in Middleton Superior Court on July 11, 2022.