Who Is Jack Fenton From United Kingdom? Helicopter Accident Linked To His Cause Of Death

Jack Fenton was a British resident who died in a helicopter incident ( Source : Telegraph )

Young British tourist Jack Fenton died in Greece after being struck by helicopter blades.

The 22-year-old, together with three pals, is thought to have been traveling back from a vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos while his parents followed in a helicopter.

According to sources, he and three other tourists, including his sister, got off the aircraft at a private airfield in Spata on Monday evening just before 6.30 pm local time and were trapped in the terrible disaster.

This tragedy is a hot topic in the media, and the world is curious to know what happened and who Jack Fenton was.

Who Is Jack Fenton From the United Kingdom? Helicopter Accident Linked To His Death

In Greece, a chopper's blades claimed the life of British visitor Jack Fenton.

Local media have reported that he was struck by the blades when he may have been attempting to take a photo when descending the aircraft.

Emergency services pictured last night at the site of the incident
Emergency services pictured last night at the site of the incident( Source : Extra )

Young Fenton stepped off the plane at a private airport in Spata on Monday evening before 6:30 pm local time and was immediately caught up in the terrible event. He reportedly traveled with three other vacationers, including his sister.

Jack attended Oxford Brookes University in the past. Additionally, he went to Sutton Valence Boarding School in Kent, which charges students more than £30,000 a year in tuition. Before the event, the young British resident had just returned from a brief vacation to Mykonos Island.

A senior police official told The Times that Fenton was the first to get off the Bell 407 helicopter in Athens, and as he stepped his foot back, the aircraft’s small rear rotor hit him in the head.

Jack had no chance of surviving the incident. Thus, his death was inevitable.

According to reports, the pilot radioed his colleague on another chopper carrying the man's parents to sound the alarm.

To prevent the man's parents from seeing the site of the fatal tragedy, the second helicopter pilot decided to deviate from the private airstrip in Spata and instead made an impromptu landing at Athens International Airport.

Police have started the investigations and said they are doing everything to determine the cause of the incident and what exactly went wrong with the helicopter.

The black Bell 407 aircraft pilot and two ground crew members have reportedly been detained while police investigate. According to reports, the trio went before a prosecutor and gave testimony on the occurrence. Mr. Fenton's male pals, who are in their twenties, also gave testimony.

Jack Fenton was hit by the helicopter blade when he was trying to click a photo
Jack Fenton was hit by the helicopter blade when he was trying to click a photo( Source : Thisisoxfordshire )

Although the police have not released any additional information, local media reported that all three had left for the UK.

According to Greek media, the four individuals in the first helicopter reportedly intended to depart Athens International Airport and return to Britain.

This incident shocked the world as it could have been anybody in Jack Fenton’s shoes. This incident will be addressed thoroughly to ensure this type of incident does not happen in the future.

Jack Fenton Age And Wiki Bio

Jack Fenton was a healthy young man involved in a horrible tragedy when he died in a helicopter accident this Monday.

He was 22 years old when he got involved in the helicopter incident. He was hit by the rear motor of the helicopter in the head, which claimed his life.

The stories claimed that Jack came from an affluent family. At The Hop Farm, a 400-acre country park and tourist destination in Beltring, close to Tonbridge, Kent, Fenton's father is in charge of marketing, sales, and public relations.

The farm, which has the world's most incredible collection of oast buildings, was once known as The Whitbread Hop Farm and was owned by the brewery until 1997. 

Jack formerly studied at Oxford Brookes University and also attended the Kent boarding school Sutton Valence.

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