Who Is Ivory Green? Missing Case Update, Help Post On Facebook

Picture of Ivory Green with her mother, Shirlette Green
Picture of Ivory Green with her mother, Shirlette Green( Source : uticaod )

Ivory Green's missing case is again catching the public’s attention after Ivory’s mother is desperate to know what happened to her daughter in two decades.

Shirlette Green believes someone who knows what happened to her daughter Ivory will come forward and provide her with the closure she so badly wanted for almost 20 years.

Ivory’s mother fled the state, but distance and time do nothing to lessen her suffering.

She wants to meet with the person who is aware of what happened to her daughter personally.

Who Is Ivory Green?

Ivory Francis Green would be 36 years old. Green was born on October 27, 1986.

The teenager was 17 years old at the time of her sudden disappearance. Since then, Francis has not returned home.

Green hasn't been seen or heard from in Utica since March 6, 2004. Despite the missing case of almost two decades, her case is old but not cold.

Ivory is a black woman with brown eyes and black hair. She is an African American and belongs to the black race.

The missing girl’s last recorded weight was 110 pounds. Likewise, she had a height of 4 feet, 11 inches tall.

Additionally, Ivory has an H-shaped mark on her shoulder and a mole over her top lip.

Ivory Green Missing Case Update

Ivory Green's missing case is almost two decades old now. Despite the case being old, the police and family have not lost hope and are searching for the missing teen.

On Sunday, March 6, 2004, Ivory Green, then 17 years old, vanished from the City of Utica 18 years ago.

Since Green vanished, Utica Police are still aggressively hunting for information that might help get some lead in the case.

Ivory Frances Green went missing from Utica, New York
Ivory Frances Green went missing from Utica, New York( Source : charleyproject )

Police claim to have followed up on more than 325 leads. According to the officials, fresh information is always studied as thoroughly as is humanly feasible.

Ivory's case is currently being worked on by an investigator from the Utica Police Department and the Oneida County District Attorney's Office.

Everyone involved claims that they have given their all to give her family answers.

Authorities are still pleading with the public for assistance in resolving the case. The concerned authorities are trying their best and want to find and hand over Ivory to her parents.

Ivory Green Help Post on Facebook

The missing case of Ivory Green has never been cold due to constant help posts being updated on Facebook and other social media sites.

The missing case has grabbed much attention from the public. People are also trying their best to find Ivory and help her return to her home.

@heygirlletstalkcrime #ivorygreen #blackandmissing #10MillionAdoptions #heygirlletstalkcrime ♬ original sound - Angel

Tiktokers have also discussed the disappearance of 17-year-old girl Ivory Green and helped spread the news of her vanishment.

Everyone from Ivory’s family, the police, and the public are involved in the case. People are still hopeful that Ivory will be found even after two decades of her missing.

Ivory Green Wikipedia and Bio

Ivory Green’s profile is not available on the media despite her missing case catching the public's attention.

According to a source, Ivory was going through a rebellious phase and hung around with several local drug dealers.

On the other hand, Ivory had no history of drug use.

Ivory left her Washington Courts apartment on March 6, 2004, at approximately 4:00 p.m.

Ivory Green was 17 years old at her disappearance
Ivory Green was 17 years old at her disappearance( Source : ncmissingpersons )

She contacted her mother later that day to let her know she was going home for supper. But Ivory never came back.

Ivory’s mother then reported the missing case of her daughter.

According to Ivory's mother, losing connection with her family and loved ones was out of the ordinary for her.

FBI officials assumed Green was dead when she was 17 in revenge against her cousin for stealing narcotics money.

Ivory Green Family

Ivory Green was a teenager who grabbed people's attention after she disappeared suddenly. Hence, there are not many private details about Ivory on the web.

Ivory was born to her mother, Shirlette Green, on October 27, 1986. Unfortunately, the identity of her father is unavailable.

Shirlette was the one who reported her daughter's missing case to the police. Since the disappearance, green’s mother has left no stone unturned to find her.

After two months after Ivory’s disappearance, Plummer Reed Jr., a relative, phoned her mother and promised to inform her what happened to Ivory.

But Plummer Reed was shot three times in the head while on the phone, cutting off his conversation before he could finish.

Fortunately, Plummer Reed survived, and Benji D. Reed, his cousin, was accused of trying to kill him.

After being shot, Plummer denied having any knowledge of Ivory's disappearance. The Utica Police Department classified her case as a runaway for many years.

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