Imali Perera, a Canadian actress of Sri Lankan descent, was most recently seen in the movie Christmas in Toyland.

She additionally made an appearance in the sixth season of Can't Hardly Wait, portraying Jimmy's physiotherapist, Svetlana.

At age 6, she began training in singing, speech & drama, and piano.

Who Is Imali Perera? Wiki Age

Canadian actress Imali Perera, born in Sri Lanka, portrayed the character of Marielle on Degrassi.

She was raised in Calgary, Alberta, and began studying singing, speech & drama, and piano at six.

She was destined to reach the success she has today since she desired to work in the entertainment sector from a very young age. She relocated from Calgary to Montreal to complete her music and voice performance degree after getting accepted to study opera at McGill University.

Imali decided to relocate to Toronto, where she resides now, to continue pursuing her passion for theater.


Imali does not yet have a Wikipedia article, despite being a young and gifted actor.

Imali comes across as being very private. She has kept her personal life secret and has only disclosed information about her acting and profession.

Her origin story is also not entirely known. Because of this, information about her parents could not be found.

Her parents must be pleased with her achievement, despite the fact that there is no information available about them. It's difficult to break into the film industry, but she paved the way to where she is today with her commitment and hard work.

There is no information available regarding Imali's race or ethnicity. Her last name, Perera, might indicate that she is Indian, but the hypothesis will stay just that unless she expresses her ethnicity.

Imali Perera's exact age is still a mystery. But based on her social media photographs, she appears to be in her mid-twenties.

The actress is attractive in person and is liked for her endearing attitude. Imali has gorgeous beauty and incredible acting talent.

Her pictures give the impression that she is of average height, with brown eyes, black hair, and a beautiful face.

Imali Perera Net Worth In 2022

Imali Perera, a Canadian actress, reportedly has a net worth of more than $1 million, according to certain sources.

Recently, she played the role of Marta in the feature film Christmas in Toyland. She gave a great performance. She must have received a nice paycheck for her role in the movie.

She has appeared in a variety of films and television shows. She must therefore receive a significant salary for her roles. Despite the fact that she began her career in the film industry with small roles, she appears to be succeeding in it now, which has helped her amass a significant net worth of $1 Million.

Imali Perera Husband - Is She Married?

Imali Perera, a Canadian actress, doesn't appear to be in a committed relationship.

She never gave the public or media any information about her partner. Therefore, it seems to be that she is single.


Her private life is hidden from public view. She does not attempt to make her personal life public. Being in the entertainment business, it appears that she wishes to live a happy and ordinary life.

She is also a wonderful woman with a beautiful figure and features. Every man who has seen her has described her as their ideal woman. As a result, it might not take long before she makes her lover public.

Imali's social media handles have not yet been discovered. She may not be on Instagram since she prefers to keep her private life out of the public eye.