After a Black adolescent claims he was racially profiled and attacked in his automobile in a Sanford, Florida area, two white guys were arrested, Howard Oral Hughes being one of them, and faced criminal charges.

In video footage released on Instagram by the teenager, identified as Jermaine Jones, Donald Eugene Corsi and Howard Oral Hughes were seen approaching the 16-year-old in the aftermath of the June 14 incident.

Though people and times have changed a lot. Yet there are people who are racist. Despite several voices that say, "Black Lives Matter," over and again there would be incidents based on racism. 

Who Is Howard Oral Hughes From Sanford Fl?

According to public data collected by the website, Howard Oral Hughes resides in Sanford, Florida, with his wife in the neighborhood where the event occurred.


He is an Ironman athlete who has raced automobiles in Sebring, Florida, and other places, according to his Facebook page. Hughes' LinkedIn page has no information about his job or where he works.

Cindy Hughes, Hughes's wife, is also seen holding up a telephone and telling Jones to "Get out of this area" because "You don't belong here." "You are the one who would have a gun," Cindy says when Jones asks if one of them is carrying a gun.

According to Seminole County court records obtained by Heavy, Hughes, 61, was later arrested. However, Police were called to the scene, according to Jones' father, but the couple was not arrested right away.

After another African-American youngster, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, was tragically shot by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in 2012, Sanford drew global attention.

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Is Howard Oral Hughes Suspect Of Sanford Video?

Yes, Howard Oral Hughes is the suspect in Sanford Video shared on social media. CJ Jones, the 16-year-old boy's father, shared footage and photographs of the incident's aftermath on Facebook on June 14, 2022.

While the 16-year-old was in the car, Corsi is accused of hurling a huge rock through the window, destroying it. In the video, we can see the two men bullying the people around. Besides the stone used to smash the window is also clearly visible.

Hughes and Corsi both live on Maple Glen Place in Sanford, therefore the event happened there. "Yesterday my 16-year-old brother was racially profiled in a neighborhood in Sanford, Florida, the same city as Trayvon Martin," the teen's sister posted on Twitter on June 15th.

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Know About Howard Oral Hughes Jail Sentence And Mugshot

Howard Oral Hughes and Corsi were both charged with criminal mischief, which is a third-degree felony charge for deliberately and maliciously harming another person's property. Hughes was also charged with battery, a first-degree misdemeanor, while Corsi faces a second-degree felony weapons charge for knowingly hurling a "hazardous device" into a vehicle.


Hughes was freed after posting bail of $2,500. Corsi was released from detention after paying a $17,000 bond. Corsi may face up to 15 years in jail if convicted of a second-degree felony weapons charge, according to Florida state law. They might also have to deal with a fine.

Hughes and Corsi may face up to five years in Florida state jail if convicted on the third-degree felony charge. They might potentially face fines and imprisonment.

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