Giles Clark is a famous television presenter and conservationist from England. He started his career as a television broadcaster in 2014 with a BBC show called 'Tigers Around the House'.

He began working with large cats as a volunteer when he was just sixteen-year-old. He spent his childhood in Middlesex and was later relocated to Australia. The brilliant host was appointed Head of Big Cats at the Australia Zoo in Queensland.

Later, he was appointed Director of The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, United Kingdom.

The television presenter was responsible for the construction of a new state-of-the-art tiger enclosure and announced plans for a new Sun Bear display in 2020.

He and his family were featured in "Big Cats About The House" on the BBC. The show followed him as he raised cheetahs and jaguars at his Australian house.

Who Is Giles Clark First Wife, Kerri?

Giles Clark was previously married to his wife, Kerri. The conservationist had two daughters and a son from his previous relationship. He got separated from his first wife after being married for a couple of years.

He used to live in Australia with his former wife and children. He has been a resident of Australia for more than twenty years.

The television presenter appeared on the BBC show "Big Cats About the House" with his ex-wife and children in 2014. The three-episode series follows him and his family as they raise two juvenile tiger cubs.

This was followed by another series, "Tigers About the House: What Happened Next," split into two parts.

The family was famous for their image with the tigers, featured on BBC and in several news articles.

Giles Clark with his ex-wife Kerri.
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As of 2022, the BBC host is married to his present wife, Kathryn Clark. He tied the knot with his beautiful wife in Barbados on December 22, 2017.

He first encountered his partner while returning to England in 2016. He dated his wife for about a year before getting married.

Giles Clark Children

Giles Clark has two daughters and a son with his ex-wife, Kerri. He is a father to his daughters, Alicia and Sam Clark. He also has an adorable son named Kynan Clark.

The conservationist, along with children, was featured in the BBC Two program Big Cats About The House in 2014. The show followed him as he raised huge cats, including cheetahs and jaguars, at his Australian house. He appeared in the animal-related series Ingenious Animals with a group of wildlife experts in 2016.

Giles Clark Net Worth In 2022- How Rich Is He?

Giles Clark’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million in 2022. His main sources of earnings are his career as a conservationist and television presenter.

The animal activist was featured on "Big Cats About the House" in 2018. In the show, he raised a Jaguar named Maya and a Cheetah in his own house with his family.

The wildlife conservationist Giles Clark pictured in sanctuary.
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The conservationist hosted a show called "Bears About the House" on the BBC channel which Andrew Lincoln narrated in 2020.

The series focused on the illegal trafficking of sun and moon bears in Laos. The first episode centers on a sun bear raised by him after being rescued by the Free the Bears Fund. The BBC host is also a vice president of the group Faunafloriant International.

The television broadcaster is active on Instagram with the username @gilesclark and has thirty-one thousand seventy-two followers.