Who Is 'Dirty Rotten Scammer' Presenter Mavis Ackerley?

Mavis Ackerley ( Source : Dailymail )

Along with her daughter, Michelle Ackerley, Mavis Ackerley is one of the presenters for Dirty Rotten Scammers on the BBC.

A new daytime program on BBC One called Dirty Rotten Scammers will look into the rise of online fraud. The topic of internet-enabled fraud, hacking, and other types of cybercrime will be covered in the new series.

On June 24, 2022, the fifteenth episode of Dirty Rotten Scammers season one will air.

The program will be presented by Michelle Ackerley and her mother Mavis, who interview online criminals to learn how their personal data may have been exposed.

Who Is 'Dirty Rotten Scammer' Presenter Mavis Ackerley? Wikipedia Bio

The upcoming BBC program Dirty Rotten Scammers will be presented by Mavis Ackerley. Mavis Ackerley's biography is not yet available on Wikipedia.

Mavis Ackerley and her daughter Michelle Ackerley looking like we mean business for our new series called Dirty Rotten Scammers.
Mavis Ackerley and her daughter Michelle Ackerley looking like we mean business for our new series called Dirty Rotten Scammers. ( Source : Instagram )

Along with her daughter, she also has a son. The Ga tribal chief in Ghana is Mavis Ackereley's father.

Furthermore, both Michelle and Mavis had experienced a hacking incident in their lives where their personal data was misused numerous times.

They, therefore, seek to help consumers identify the fundamental steps they can take to reduce their digital footprint.

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Mavis Ackerley's Husband: Who Was He?

Marcus Ackerley, the husband of Mavis Ackerley, passed away in March 2018 after being diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 2017.

Mavis has two children, a son named Jonathan and a daughter named Michelle, in addition to her husband. Two years after her husband's passing, in March 2020, her daughter Michelle shared a terrible Instagram post. She talked about her father and said that she would honor him by remembering her cozy times with him.

Mavis Ackerley wiith her daughter Michelle Ackerley
Mavis Ackerley wiith her daughter Michelle Ackerley ( Source : 247Newsaroundtheworld )

Marcus smoked and was diagnosed with lung cancer, according to the medical professionals. The doctor said when asked how much time he might have left that it might only be 4 or 5 months because his cancer had reached stage 4.

When Michelle wanted to inform her mother that her father had passed away, she was devastated. She frequently claims that her father was the one who first captured her attention, and she or he regularly treasures the memories she has of him.

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Mavis Ackerley’s Daughter Michelle Ackerley

English television host and journalist Michelle is well recognized for her work on BBC shows like Watchdog and The One Show.

In Manchester, Ackerley was raised. In Ghana, her maternal grandfather was a chief of the Ga tribe.

She attended Alderley Edge School for Girls, where during her last year there she served as the deputy head girl. She earned a psychology degree from the University of Manchester.

Michelle Ackerley
Michelle Ackerley ( Source : Latestinbollywood )

She has experience working on a wide range of programs in the entertainment, kids', and current affairs genres.

Ackerly started working for the BBC as a programmer in 2005. Since 2013, she has co-hosted the CBBC program All Over the Place. She occasionally hosted "The Hub" segment on This Morning in 2013.

Since 2015, she has worked as a reporter for the BBC's Crimewatch Roadshow. Likewise, she returned to Loose Women in 2022 as a competition presenter.

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