David Mccullough wife Rosalee Mccullough, died before the best-selling died at the age of 89. She passed away in her West Tisbury home on Music Street at 89.

David McCullough passed away on Sunday at his home in Hingham, Massachusetts. His daughter Dorie Lawson confirmed his passing.

He was a well-known author, television broadcaster, and narrator with a remarkable talent for portraying famous historical figures and events in America at the age 89.

Who Is David Mccullough's Wife, Rosalee Mccullough?

According to his publisher, Simon & Schuster, David McCullough passed away on Sunday in Hingham, Massachusetts. David died less than two months after his cherished wife, Rosalee, passed away.

David McCullough was an invaluable national asset. His writings gave millions of readers a vivid understanding of history.

Jonathan Karp, CEO of Simon & Schuster, said in a statement that he "dramatically highlighted the most ennobling aspects of the American character through his biographies."

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McCullough, a joyful and devoted student of the past, committed himself to spread his love of history among the general population.


He viewed himself as an ordinary person who had been allowed to pursue his passions and a lifelong interest.

His passion for architecture and building influenced his early works on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Panama Canal.

He was awarded Pulitzer Prizes for "Truman" (1992) and "John Adams," two presidential biographies by Mr. McCullough.

His books "The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal" (1977) and "Mornings on Horseback," which chronicled the young Theodore Roosevelt and his family, both won National Book Awards.

David Mccullough And Rosalee Mccullough Children 

The late David Mccullough and Rosalee Mccullough had five children. They both passed away this year just two months apart in the USA. 

The names of David Mccullough and Rosalee Mccullough's children are David McCullough Jr., Dorie Lawson, and Melissa McDonald.

David Gaub McCullough was one of four sons born to Ruth (Rankin) and Christian McCullough on July 7, 1933, in Pittsburgh.

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In interviews, he expressed his love for the public schools he attended and his appreciation for his parents' encouragement of various activities, including reading, sports, and cartooning.


He moved to Yale in 1951, when he joined the exclusive Skull and Bones student organization and was impressed by the English faculty, which included John Hersey, John O'Hara, and Robert Penn Warren. 

Mr. McCullough earned an honors degree in literature in 1955. He had considered attending medical school or writing plays or fiction, but he decided to go on as a trainee at Sports, which had just launched the year before.