Who Is Cory Mills' Wife, Rana? All We Know About His Secretive Love Life

Florida Congressman Cory Mills is a popular political figure who is married to his wife Rana Mills.

Cory Mills is a combat veteran of the United States Army who is running for the election to represent Floridas's 7th Congressional District to the US House.

He is endorsed by the American Conservative Union and is the only candidate in Florida’s 7th District to be endorsed by them.

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Who Is Politician Cory Mills' Wife, Rana?

Cory Mills is married to his wife Rana Mills for quite some time already and he also has an adorable daughter with her. 

Politician Cory is in the limelight as he declared his candidacy for the election at US House to represent Florida's 7th Congressional District. The primary election will take place on August 23, 2022, while the general election will take place on November 8, 2022.

He is also an entrepreneur as he co-founded Pacem Solution International LLC and Pacem Defense LLC with his wife, Rana. The company supports risk management assessments, intelligence collection, and security for media such as NPR news.

PACEM has provided opportunities for hundreds of jobs for the people of Florida. Similarly, PACEM didn't lay off its employee during the pandemic instead it increased employees’ cost of living allowance.

Although the details regarding his wife are not extensive, we know that she is providing him enough support at all times. 

Cory Mills Children And Married Life Explored

Cory Mills blessed to have a wonderful daughter as per the available information in terms of his children.

Aside from that, he has not opened up about his family to the media and public.

He was born in Winter Haven, Florida, and is a decorated U.S. Army combat veteran. He is also a recipient of the Bronze Star.

Mills spent most of his adulthood in an army serving the country and fighting for the American people.

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Cory Mills Wikipedia Bio

Cory Mills is a true American conservative from the Republic Party who believed in fitting for the voice of the American people and wants to make America First Again.

Cory was a Trump appointee to the Pentagon as a Department of Defense advisor. He is also a foreign policy expert and was also seen giving his views on Newsmax, Fox News, OANN, and many other media channels. 

Cory is running his campaign in a full swing and is one of the strong candidates in the upcoming election.

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