Who Is Chief Judge Frank Caprio Wife? Meet Joyce Caprio And Children

Chief Judge Frank Caprio ( Source : Rimonthly )

Francesco "Frank" Caprio is currently Providence, Rhode Island's top municipal judge, an American politician, and judge. He previously served as the board's chairman.

He currently serves as the chief metropolitan judge in Providence, Rhode Island. On the television show Caught in Providence, his legal work is featured. Additionally, he appeared in the TV show Parking Wars, where he presided over a few cases of serious traffic crimes.

In 2017, videos of his court went viral online, garnering more than 15 million views. One video published on Pulptastic had 43.6 million YouTube views in 2022, and Caught in Providence was getting close to 500 million views.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio's Wife Joyce Caprio

Frank married his wife Joyce in his 30s, and the two have been together ever since. They currently have seven grandchildren, including two special ones, living in Providence. His oldest child, Frank T. Carpio, served as the General Treasurer of Rhode Island. His two children have pursued careers in governmental affairs.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio and Wife Joyce e. caprio
Chief Judge Frank Caprio and Wife Joyce e. caprio ( Source : Instagram )

He is also the first politician in the US to include on-demand TV in his campaign. David Caprio, his second kid, has stepped in as the representative for Rhode Island's District 34 and has followed in his father's legal footsteps.

Joyce and Frank seem very close even after their decades of marriage. Frank still posts about his wife on his social media handles. The two make a very cute and lovely couple. 

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Chief Judge Frank Caprio's Children And Family Ethnicity

Antonio Caprio, a worker from Teano, Italy, and Filomena Caprio, an Italian American mother from Providence whose family had immigrated from Naples, Italy, gave birth to Caprio in the Italian American neighborhood of Federal Hill in Providence. Caprio was the second most established of the three children. His father covered for him as a milkman and a natural product salesperson.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio daughter
Chief Judge Frank Caprio daughter ( Source : Youtube )

For more than 50 years, Caprio has been married to Joyce E. Caprio. Frank T. Caprio, David Caprio, Marissa Caprio Pesce, John Caprio, and Paul Caprio are among their five children. They also have two amazing grandkids and seven other grandkids. Caprio, a fervent supporter of the Boston Red Sox, threw the solemn opening pitch on July 25, 2019, at Fenway Park as the Red Sox faced the New York Yankees.

Chief Judge Frank Caprio's Net Worth

He has built up significant overall assets as a teacher, attorney, judge, and star of unscripted television. The residence bearing his name, 160 Vinton Street in Providence, is not Honest Caprio's primary residence. 

His net worth must be decent based on his career. After practicing as a lawyer from the late 1950s to the middle of the 1960s, Caprio's career advanced after being selected for the City Council. He worked for a considerable time before becoming a delegate to the Rhode Island Constitutional Convention.

He was appointed as the Providence Municipal Court Judge, a position he has held ever since, in the middle of the 1980s due to his extensive participation with public authority and the overall body of state laws. Managing different low-level wrongdoing, references, and processes is one of his duties.

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