Who Is Chansnackyyy On TikTok? Video Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit

Chansnackyyy is a Tiktok star. ( Source : Instagram )

Tiktok star Chansnackyyy is going viral following her reaction videos, where she permits the commentators. Her recent videos are filled with comments where the fans ask her permission to do certain things. 

The social media influencer is one of the fastest rising stars on Tiktok, with over 586K followers and millions of views. Here is a small article about her personal life and her recent surge in popularity.

Who Is Chansnackyyy On TikTok? Video Goes Viral On Twitter And Reddit

Chansnackyyy is the username of the TikTok star Snacky Chan, aka Snaxy Chan. Recently, she has been going viral on the social media platform after the permission trend.

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The social media influencer is going viral following her reaction video on Tiktok, where she shows a comment by a user asking for permission to do something. Snaxy reads the comment and gives the fan her permission for approval.

@chansnackyyy Reply to @jcwyaa ♬ original sound - Snaxychann🕷

The trend is going viral for at least a month. The videos have been shared many times on Twitter and even made it to the forums of Reddit. The American influencer has already gained 586K followers on Tiktok. Her videos are liked 11.6 million times.

Likewise, Snaxy has around 99.5K followers on her Instagram, @snaxychannn.

What Is Chansnackyyy Real Name?

The real name of the Tiktoker Chansnackyyy is Snacky Chan. She is sometimes referred to as Snaxy Chan.

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The social media influencer has maintained a mystique surrounding her name. She has not officially revealed her real name and hence, uses Snaxy on her Tiktok and Instagram, whereas she uses Snacky on her Twitter account.

Snacky is also an entrepreneur who owns a clothing store. Her brand Snax4All has been a success, and the dresses have been sold many times. According to the brand's Instagram, Snax4All is only for "nasty humans."

Snacky Chan is mostly known for her steamy contents on social media.
Snacky Chan is mostly known for her steamy contents on social media. ( Source : Instagram )

Snaxy Chan Age And Wiki Bio

The exact age of Snaxy Chan, the Tiktok star, is currently unknown. However, she seems to be in her mid-20s.

Chan currently does not have a Wikipedia biography and has not provided information about her personal life on her social media. She has posted hundreds of videos on her Tiktok and about 50 posts on Instagram, but the videos feature less about her private life.

Despite her exhibitionist lifestyle, the social media influencer has been very secretive regarding her personal life. Maybe fans need to ask for her permission to have information about her.

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