Casey Putsch is a vlogging YouTuber who is married to his wife, Taylor.

He is known for building and modifying automobiles. Similarly, he is fond of vehicles and is seen posting videos of driving cars and bikes on his social media platforms.

Casey is also the founder and president of

Quick Facts About Casey Putsch

Name Casey Putsch
Date Of Birth 1981
Residence Perrysburg, Ohio 
Age 41
Profession YouTuber, Engineer, Racing driver
Wife Taylor Putsch
Children 1
YouTube Channel Casey Putsch
Subscribers 190,000

Who Is Casey Putsch's Wife, Taylor?

Casey Putsch is married to his wife, Taylor Putsch.

They seem to have been married for a long time and have been living a happy married life. According to the short bio on her Twitter, she is a Graphic and Web Designer. Similarly, she is also co-founder of Genius Garage Racing Team.

Taylor Putsch graduated from the Ohio State University in 2015
Source : twitter

Taylor seems to help her husband with his work, and she is too fond of cars like her husband. So, the couples have something that both are into. She went to the Ohio State University and graduated in 2015.

Casey and Taylor met each other while studying at the Ohio State University. They might have met each other through their love for automobiles.

Casey Putsch and Taylor Putsch seems to be dating since 2015
Source : twitter

They seemed to be in a relationship in 2015 as Taylor was seen sharing pictures with Casey on her Twitter with the caption my boo.

The couples have not shared much about their marriage, but they might have gotten married after dating for a while.

Casey and Taylor have things they both are into, which has also strengthened their bonding. Similarly, their love for each other and their chemistry have made their marriage stronger.

Casey Putsch's Children

Casey and Taylor have become parents to their daughter. 

Their daughter was born on July 19, 2022, and he showed some pictures of their adorable daughter.

Casey Putsch and Taylor Putsch are parents to their daughter
Source : instagram

He doesn't have disclosed the name of the baby yet. Casey and Taylor took the baby to their home on July 22, and he showered the newborn baby with a pink rose. Casey loves his daughter a lot, and he sure will make her daughter love cars as much as he loves them.

He also shared that he had bought his daughter cars from Target and that she loved the Murcielago most.

Casey Putsch's Age Difference With Taylor

Casey Putsch is 41 years old, while Taylor Putsch seems to be 30-40 years old.

There appeared to be one-two years age difference between the couples.

Taylor has not shared her age or birthday with the public yet. The couple has been married for about three years and has a great bond with each other.

Casey's Childhood

Casey was born in a family with a golf environment, as his father was a teaching PGA professional. Similarly, his family owned a small public golf course in rural Ohio.

But he was more into cars than golf. He shared that he had grown up going to Mid-Ohio (Sports Car Course) as a spectator with his dad, mainly to the vintage and motorcycle races.

Casey Putsch loved cars from his childhood and is now the CEO and founder for Genius Garage
Source : facebook

This was the greatest love of both Casey and his dad. His love for cars and automobiles didn't dwindle but remained with him till now.

When Casey was 13 years old, his dad went to the Mid-Ohio performance driving school. He was so fascinated with cars and driving that he stole all his dad's books from driving school and learned everything he could.

His dream was to race, but at that time, he couldn't afford a racing car and could only afford slot car racing or radio control.

He took his racing passion to karts, became successful, and then gravitated more toward vintage racing as time progressed.

Casey Putsch dream of racing Indy Cars has finally come true
Source : twitter

Casey wanted to race in the Indy 500 but couldn't find a ride, sponsors, or even a team willing to take a chance on him, due to which he grew more frustrated as each race season went by.

He always wanted to race Indy cars, and it was his love. When he was in college, he started kart racing and was very serious about it.

After years, some of his friends talked about his dream of racing Indy cars and giving it a try, but he felt that his goal was long gone and talked about it in a video on his Youtube.

After the video got uploaded the following day, he got an email from Michael Meyer, who told him that he had been watching him for the last two years.

He is one of the Youtubers he respects, and Michael shared that he knows the people involved with him that steered you wrong. He honestly worried about Casey but couldn't do anything about it.

Michale also revealed that he knows about the Indy team and several cars and that he would help him with his dream of getting the Indy 500. He also said they could talk about it if he gave him a call.

Casey reached out to Michael, and he prepared himself for running the Pro 2000 Series in 2022. He did several test laps at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and did well on them.

His dream has come true at 41, and he will be seen forward to fighting for a podium in 2022. He shared there is no barrier of age to follow his dream, and he is pursuing his dream now.

Casey Putsch's Net Worth In 2022

Casey Putsch's net worth is approximately $1 million as of 2022.

He has worked as a Youtuber, engineer, and car racer driver. Casey has earned thousand and millions of dollars through his venture as Youtuber and his company Genius Garage.

Casey makes millions of money through his work as an engineer and Youtuber.

Casey Putsch with his cars in his Genius Garage
Source : instagram

Casey started his career by working in He has also worked as the

He also has experience working as a

Genius Garage

He has launched The Genius Garage Racing, Aerospace, and Design Programs, a dream-shot internship for engineers.

The educational program is for selected groups of the brightest and most driven college students.

The program is engineering-centric and focuses on the development and competition of racing, aerospace, and design projects, which will help bridge the gap from academia to industry-giving companies.

Similarly, it will also help the students to make their resumes outstanding. His program has helped produce skilled and experienced engineers and designers.

Casey's Volunteering 

Casey is a Philanthropist and a great volunteer. Similarly, he also supports All Clear Foundation, an organization that is directed at providing volunteer Emergency Response to communities.

The organization helps people and the community reach frontline medical workers, disaster responders, wildland firefighters, and crisis counselors.

Casey Putsch getting President Lifetime Awards for his volunteer services
Source : instagram

He has also been awarded the President's Volunteer Service Award for his philanthropic gestures and voluntary services.

This award is given to those who have contributed at least 4,000 hours of service or with more than 12 months of volunteer service.

His voluntary works are

Casey's YouTube Career

Casey began his Youtube journey in 2007 and uploaded his first video on October 11, 2008, gaining about 4k views.

His most popular video is Racing driver's stick shift tips for everyday driving uploaded on May 8, 2020, which has got 2.4 million views in it.

He has about 190k subscribers on his Youtube channel and gets a hundred thousand to a million views on every video.

According to the social blade, he earns about $85  -  $1.4K monthly and $1,000  -  $16,300 yearly.

Yearly Earnings $1000  -  $16300
Monthly Earnings $85  -  $1400
Daily Earnings $3  -  $45

Some FAQs

Who Is Casey Putsch Married To?

Casey Putsch is married to his wife, Taylor.

Who Is Casey Putsch?

Casey Putsch is an automotive designer, engineer, philanthropist, craftsman, artist, and racing driver.