Who Is Carys Thompson? Meet The Daughter Of Tanni Grey And Ian Thompson

Carys Thompson, Tanni Grey's daughter
Carys Thompson, Tanni Grey's daughter( Source : co )

Tanni Gray-Thompson, also known as Carys Davina Gray-Thompson, Baroness Gray-Thompson, DBE, DL (born July 26 1969), is a Welsh lawmaker, TV host, and former wheelchair racer.

Quick Facts

Full NameCarys Thompson
Date of Birth2002
Mother's nameTanni Grey Thompson
Father's NameIan Thompson
Mother's occupationa Welsh politician, television presenter and former wheelchair racer.
Father's occupation a research chemist and former wheelchair athlete
Last Updated 5th August 2022

Who Is Carys Thompson?

Cary Thomson was born in 2022. Her mother's name is Tanni Grey Thompson, and her father's name is Ian Thompson.

Her family and her excellent guardians love her. She travels with her parents, mother, and father whenever possible. She was present when Dame Tanni won two gold medals at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens. Since she likes to wear pink, Carys loves to do gymnastics. 

Cary's mother Tanni Grey Thompson, is a wheelchair racer, politician, and TV presenter. During the Junior National Games for Wales in 1984, Tanni Thompson won the 100-meter race, launching his Paralympic career.

Carys Thompson young with her mom
Carys Thompson young with her mom( Source : co )

She had won a bronze medal in the 400 meters in Seoul when she began her international career. She competed in wheelchair basketball when she was younger. Athens (2004) hosted her fifth and final Paralympic Games when she competed in wheelchair racing and took home two gold medals in the 100- and 400-meter events. She earned 16 awards overall during her Paralympic career—11 gold, four silver, and one bronze as well as 13 World Championship prizes (six gold, five silver, and two bronze).

At the Paralympic World Cup in Manchester in May, Gray-Thompson had her final appearance for Great Britain. In 2007, she announced her impending retirement. She held more than 30 world records, won the London Marathon multiple times between 1992 and 2002, and collected 16 Paralympic medals, including 11 gold.

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Daughter Of Tanni Grey And Ian Thompson

Tanni Gray is married to wheelchair competitor and examination scientist Ian Thompson. They live in Stockton-on-Tees' Eaglescliffe and have one girl. Tanni and Ian Thompson first crossed paths in 1987 while participating in a wheelchair hustling group.

They exchanged vows in St. John's Church in Cardiff on May 1, 1999. "The public titles are normally the first week in May so we believed it would assist us both remembering our wedding anniversary," says woman Tanni.

Dr. Ian Thompson uses his Ph.D. in Chemistry at work to promote "green" greases, high-performance motor oils, and parts for ointments used in blowers. He is very possibly one of the most laid-back people you will ever meet at home. He expends a great deal of effort helping Dame Tanni with the technical aspects of her preparation and tending to little Carys.

Carys Thompson Age Wikipedia Bio

Carys Thompson was born in 2002; she is 20 years old as of now. She seems to be a very loving daughter to her parents. She also appears to be supportive. 

Her mom, Tanni Grey, uses a wheelchair and has spina bifida. She was given the name Carys Davina Gray, but her sister referred to her as "minuscule" when she first saw her, pronouncing it "Tanni," and the term stuck. Tanni Thompson attended St. Cyr Comprehensive. With a BA (Hons) in Politics and Social Administration, she graduated from Loughborough University in 1991.

The Grey Thompson family
The Grey Thompson family( Source : co )

Tanni has worked for BBC Radio Wales, Five Live, and Radio Cleveland. She has presented BBC Wales X-ray, Big Welsh Challenge, Land of our Mothers, and BBC2's From the Edge. 

She played a significant role in the BBC commentary team's coverage of the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing as well as following the Paralympics. She is one of the first (and only) women worldwide who uses a wheelchair to make televised appearances.

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Some FAQs About Carys Thompson

When was Carys Thompson born?

Carys Thompson was born in 2002.

Who are Carys Thompson's parents?

Carys Thompson's parents are Tanni Grey And Ian Thompson.

What is Carys Thompson's hobby?

Carys Thompson is interested in gymnastics. 

What does Carys Thompson's mother do?

Carys Thompson's mother is a politician, a TV presenter, and a wheelchair racer. 

What does Carys Thompson's father do?

Carys Thompson's father is a research chemist and former wheelchair athlete.

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