After sharing an entertaining video to vote for him in the next presidential election, Brent Peterson is in the limelight.

He is a prominent aged man known as a TikTok star. His insane content on YouTube and TikTok makes him an internet personality.

Moreover, Brent, who goes by the handle Brent1330metalfunk, usually shares a bait-and-switch style of stitching on another individual post. Recently, he has been sharing content stating that he's running for President of the US in 2024, using low-quality gadgets and multiple TikTok filters. His infamous tagline in every video is Vote for The US President by introducing himself by his real name.

Brent's videos have undoubtedly gained national and international attention on TikTok. He began uploading videos in mid-2022 and received multiple fan edits as his videos gained more engagement.

By scrutinizing his TikTok post, Brent is into music. He has a keen interest in guitar and drums. There is barely any information available about his early background. His life before fame is unknown. Hence, we have no further insights about his age and family background except his TikTok profile.

Controveersial TikTok star Brent Peterson is a famous content creator.
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Who Is Brent Peterson On TikTok?

Brent Peterson is a TikToker who gained popularity in mid-2022. Distractify reported he has become a meme after announcing his presidential candidacy via TikTok.

Brent Peterson gained fame through TikTiok from mid 2022
Source : distractify

On August 26, 2022, Brent uploaded his first video on the world's most downloaded app, TikTok, which prompted the viewer to vote for him for President of the US. His video didn't receive much recognition yet has 2500 views and only 240 likes in two months.

In the weeks that followed his initial upload, Peterson started posting stitches with random videos. 

To be precise Brent's presidential candidacy content is only for entertainment purposes. 

On August 28, 2022, he posted a video that was his first viral hit, earning roughly 1.6 million plays and 204,400 likes in two months, according to Know Your Meme.

The content maker Brent is mostly known for his bait-and-stitch style of videos. He is not a professional ice hockey player, but a TikTok celebrity.  

Explore Brent Peterson's Viral Videos On TikTok

On September 10, Brent Peterson shared a fan edit video that has garnered 552.3k likes and over 4 million plays as of November 2022.

He edited a video posted by @bigolijuicyboy, where he tried to make a perfect sandwich, but it turned out to be a red chili butter bread. Brent edited the video at the end by screaming out loud. 

Various filter used by Brent Peterson on TikTok
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Brent has become a meme, and haters troll him for his content. His TikTok account goes under the handle @brent1330metalfunk. He has crossed over 1 million followers and has 30.1 million likes as of 2022.

His stitch with Whistle Worthy was posted on November 2, 2022. It has been played over 4 million times just in 14 days. At last, he repeated his infamous line, "Vote For Me President United States. I'm Brent Peterson."

There are tons of bait-style-stitch videos available on his TikTok profile. His videos are funny and entertaining for the viewers.

Brent Peterson's Recent President Candidacy Video Became A Meme

Brent Peterson's presidential candidacy has become a meme on the internet. 

Per Sports Keeda, the tagline on Brent's TikTok handle @brent1330metalfunk at the end of his every video has gained immense notoriety now. The hashtag brentpeterson2024 has gone viral among netizens with over 37.9 million views.

Fans reaction to Brent Peterson's videos
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Nonetheless, fans' reaction to his videos is mixed. It's still confidential whether he is running for the presidential election or not, but viewers showed full support for Brent on TikTok. 

One user wrote, "his vote goes to Brent Peterson with an emoji."