Who is Becky Babcock Biological father? Her mother made international headlines after shooting three of her kids. 

Babcock is the daughter of the convicted child killer, Diane Downs. She has spoken about her birth mother several times in interviews and TV shows. She has chosen to tell her story as it has not been easy, but it was all worth it. 

Becky talked about the hurtful messages she received and revealed that all she can do is pray for the person and apologize if she offended them. Despite all the controversy and Downs' shadow, she has built a happy and positive life. 

Who Is Becky Babcock Biological Father?

Becky Babcock's biological father is a different man from the father of Diane's three other kids. Diane turned up pregnant during the investigation and was pregnant during her trial. The name of Babcock's biological father is not clear, reports Heavy.

Diane Downs shot three of her children, Christie, Cheryl, and Danny while driving down a Springfield. She got arrested and sentenced to life in prison. After the trials, Diane gave birth to Becky in 1984. The state took the child, and she got adopted by a loving family.


Becky's adoptive father, Chris Babcock, is a practiced Chemist. Her adoptive mother, Jackie Babcock, is a homemaker. The couple adopted one more mother and named her Jennie

Becky tricked her babysitter into revealing the details about her birth mother. She briefly corresponded with Downs in prison but her letters started sounding troubling and nasty, which is why she stopped.

Diane Downs Daughter Becky Babcock Wikipedia Details Revealed

Becky Babcock is not on Wikipedia. Nonetheless, one can read about her on a few Wiki-bio pages. 

When she was born, Diane Downs named her Amy Elizabeth. However, her adoptive parents named her Rebecca "Becky" Babcock. Despite a difficult start, she had a childhood of dreams and got every opportunity she wanted.

Becky graduated from Redmond High School. She works in Pain management. 

Where Is Becky Babcock Now?

Becky Babcock currently works in Salem Oregon, in the position of behavioral health coordinator for children. She works with mentally ill people and helps them have better life.

Babcock is quite active on Facebook and shares stories about her TV appearances and stories from her life. She lives in Bend, Oregon, with her family. 

Meet Becky Babcock Husband And Children

Becky Babcock is currently single, and she does not have a husband. She has two children, her first son is Chris, and she gave her second son up for adoption, reports The Sun.

She previously worked for a retirement community as the Wellness Director. She loved getting to enrich people's lives every day as she felt blessed to have the job.