Who Is BadlandsChugs' Wife, Regina Booker? Here's A Look At Their Relationship

 BadlandsChugs's is a Youtuber and a competitive eater.
BadlandsChugs's is a Youtuber and a competitive eater.( Source : instagram )

YouTuber BadlandsChugs is happily married to his wife, Regina Booker. 

He holds several world records in eating competitions and is a two-time Nathan's Lemonade Chugging Contest champion.

BadlandsChugs has been competing in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest since 1997. He has excellent chugging skills, which have helped him in food competitions.

Quick Facts About BadlandsChugs

Real Name Eric James Booker 
Known Name BadlandsChugs
Date Of Birth June 21, 1969
Birthplace Queens, New York, USA
Age 53
Profession YouTuber, Competitive Eater 
Height 6 Feet 5 Inches 
Weight 181 Kilograms
Wife Regina Booker
YouTube Channel BadlandsChugs
Subscribers 3.25 Million
Active Years  1997 – Present


Who Is BadlandsChugs' Wife, Regina Booker?

BadlandsChugs is married to his wife, Regina Booker.

The couple has not shared much about their marriage, but they have been married for a long time. Regina Booker is a real estate agent by profession. According to her profile on Linkedin, she has been working as a real estate agent since 2017.

She works as a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker American Homes. She has helped people find their dream homes and property through her profession.

Regina Brooke is a real estate agent by profession
Regina Brooke is a real estate agent by profession ( Source : facebook )

One of the people who helped her find her home reviewed that she is the agent who listens to the client's desires for home ownership, going above and beyond to find people's dream homes. She began her career as a Customer Service Supervisor at Verizon in October 1988 and worked for almost two-three decades.

Regina went to SUNY Empire State College in 2013 and graduated with a degree in Human Resources Management or Personnel Administration, General in 2017.

BadlandsChugs's Married Life

BadlandsChug and Regina have been married for a while and have been living a happily married life. Regina has been looking after her husband and children. She is a working woman who also cares for her family.

Regina and her family once appeared on the reality tv show, Wife Swap, where the wife of two families gets swapped for each other.

BadlandsChugs' Wife is Regina Brooke and they have been married for a while.
BadlandsChugs' Wife is Regina Brooke and they have been married for a while. ( Source : instagram )

They do not know the family they are going to sway. Regina gets swapped to the Alcorn family, and both families are opposite. Regina's family eats fast food while the Alcorn family eats healthy and boxes to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Regina shares in the show that she wants her husband and son to help, but they don't help her much. After eating, she gets busy cleaning the dishes and keeping things clean, while in the Alcorn family, the children clean on their own accord without their parents telling them to do them.

She also gets boxing training from Brandon in her new family and feels the boxing club is a little dangerous. The episode got aired on October 9, 2006.

BadlandsChugs Family Background

BadlandsChugs has not shared much about his parents and family.

He has a family of his own, comprising his wife and children. Eric has been private with his mom and dad and has hardly shared any pictures with them on his social media platforms. He lives with his wife and children on Long Island.

BadlandsChug and Regina are parents to one of their children.

BadlandsChugs with his wife Regina and son Bradon celebrating Christmas.
BadlandsChugs with his wife Regina and son Bradon celebrating Christmas. ( Source : instagram )

They have one son, Brandon, as their children. Brandon also appeared in the reality tv show, Wife Swap; he was 13 years old then. He has grown up and was seen celebrating Christmas with his parents.

What Is BadlandsChugs's Real Name?

BadlandsChug's real name is Eric James Booker. 

He was born on June 21, 1969, and is currently 53 years old.

Where Is BadlandsChugs From? 

BadlandsChugs is from Queens, New York, Unites States of America.

He loved food and wanted to be a competitive eater, so he began training his chug skills and trained himself to compete in food championships by age 20.

He began competing as a competitive eater in 1997 and is active to this date. He trains himself for the eating competition by stretching his stomach and developing jaw strength.

 BadlandsChugs sharing about the new chug glasses.
BadlandsChugs sharing about the new chug glasses. ( Source : instagram )

To stretch his stomach, he eats large amounts of fruit and vegetables and drinks a gallon of water in a sitting. Similarly, he chews over twenty pieces of gum at a time to strengthen his jaw.

He has been ranked 27th on the list of the Competitive eaters of 2022. 

List of top fifteen Competitive Eater in 2022

  1. Joey Chestnut
  2. Geoffrey Esper 
  3. Miki Sudo
  4. Nick Wehry
  5. Matt Stonie
  6. Darron Breeden
  7. Gideon Oji
  8. Max Suzuki
  9. Michelle Lesco
  10. James Webb
  11. Patrick Bertoletti
  12. Ricardo Corbucci
  13. Steven Hammond
  14. Adrian Morgan
  15. Adam Moran

Eric is also known for his YouTube channel, BadlandsChugs. On his Youtube channel, he is seen performing various chugging challenges. His YouTube channel has got about 3.25 million subscribers in his channel. He opened his Youtube channel on September 26, 2012.

He uploaded his first video, Smart Water Chug (My First Video!), on the same date he opened his Youtube channel and got 539 k views.

His most popular video is Sprite Cranberry Boot Chug, uploaded on May 20, 2019, and has earned about 21 million views.

What Is BadlandsChugs's Net Worth?

BadlandsChugs is a competitive eater who has a net worth of $1.2 million.

According to the social blade, his monthly earnings from his Youtube channel are about $1,000  -  $16,000, while his yearly earnings are about $12,000  -  $192,000.

Similarly, he also sells clothing, glasses, and merchandise on his website and earns through the sales of the products.

He is known for performing and recording competitive eating-themed hip-hop. Similarly, he is also seen performing selections from his albums at competitions.

He has about nine albums. Similarly, he has also made guest appearances on albums by Jendor and Loser's Loung. Similarly, he and his son Brandon created music on his Youtube channel.

Some FAQs

How Old Is BadlandsChugs?

BadlandsChugs is 53 years old.

Who Is BadlandsChugs' Wife ?

BadlandsChugs is married to his wife, Reginna Brooke.

How Many Kids Does BadlandsChugs Have?

BadlandsChugs have a son, Brandon as his kid.

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