The new Netflix documentary series “I Just Killed My Dad” has grabbed everyone’s attention. After watching the series trailer, people are eager to learn more about Burt Templet and his son Anthony Templet.

“I Just Killed My Dad” stands apart from similar programs because Templet himself participates in the documentary to discuss what transpired and why.

Burt Templet insists in the trailer that he shouldn't be charged with anything since he didn't do anything wrong.

There are concerns regarding his early life, allegations of kidnapping and assault, and rumors that Burt mistreated his family.

Templet claims that his father, Burt, was the cause of his difficult childhood. The 911 call he made in June 2019 that serves as the series' title concludes the trailer.

NameAnthony Templet
Age17 years old
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye colorBlack

Who Is Burt Templet? Father Of Anthony Templet

After the trailer got released publicly, different viewers had different opinions about Burt Templet.

In addition to accusing him of abducting Anthony when he was just five years old, his family claims he was always violent towards them.

The teaser acknowledges that Burt had a secret life, giving the impression that he was more confident in disguising it than he was.


Anthony got accused of abusing others and allegedly put cameras all around his home to keep an eye on acquaintances and relatives.

The program is due to premiere on one of the major OTT platforms, Netflix, and its teaser has already been made available.

The allegations against Burt are referenced in the teaser, but they keep everyone at the edges of the seats until the documentary premieres on August 9.

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Burt Templet Family Bio

Burt Templet was married to Susan. However, Susan decided to part ways with Burt in 2019 as Templet threatened to kill her.

Susan was the stepmother to Anthony Templet. Teresa Thompson was Anthony’s biological mother. According to sources, Burt drank more than 24 cans of beer after he separated from Susan.

After being kidnapped from his mother at the age of five and held captive for more than ten years, Anthony suffered years of both physical and mental abuse at the hands of his father.

His father had installed monitoring applications on his phone and surveillance cameras all around their house, so he didn't attend school and was hardly permitted to leave the house.


At 17, Anthony Templet shot his father, Burt Templet, in the head at their Louisiana home, leaving him to die. Anthony possessed two weapons at the time.

Anthony Templet called 911 on June 3, 2019, and calmly informed the operator: "I just killed my dad. I fired three shots at him.

The adolescent avoided jail time and received a five-year probationary period under supervision despite admitting to the crime and showing no outward evidence that he acted in self-defense.

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About ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ Netflix

‘I Just Killed My Dad’ is another Netflix documentary based on the true event about murder, ruined relationships, and disclosed secrets which will be available on the platform on August 9.

The story centers on Anthony Templet's tumultuous bond with his father, Burt, who he killed in June 2019.

Anthony's motivation was carefully examined, leading to the discovery of a lifetime's worth of secrets rather than a lengthy search for the killer because of an instant admission of guilt.

Despite being quite lively, the clip merely scratches the surface. In truth, the three-part series will need to cover much ground before the intricate storyline can begin to make sense.

The first time we hear Anthony Templet speak is in the trailer, and the twelve words he speaks undoubtedly strike a chord. "I didn't do anything wrong, so there's no need to hold me responsible for anything," said Anthony in the trailer.

One can quickly learn why Templet's conviction that shooting his father was legal. As he speaks, his voice nearly sounds numb.

Since it is a twisted tale, a complicated plot, and a wonderful piece of storytelling, viewers will experience a broad spectrum of emotions as they tune in to each episode.