Amanda Hubble is a Clovis High School Teacher who has been arrested for sexual activities with a child. Know about her age, family, and husband in detail. Where is she now?

Amanda Hubble has been the staff member of Clovis Unified School District for the past 5 years. She has been facing two charges for keeping illicit relationships with a person of young age.

She graduated in her majors in music and chorus before she indulged herself in the profession of a teacher. Both the Clovis High School and Police department has been trying to find proof against the pervy teacher.

It is not the first time that the school has gone through such a shameful situation. Back in 1015, the teachers from the same school were announced three years of imprisonment for the exact cause.

Who Is Amanda Hubble? Clovis High School Teacher Arrested

Amanda Hubble is a woman in her early thirties who has been allegedly charged with misusing her child students on and off the campus.

She is a five-year-old teacher at the high school who was found to have intercourse with a student of age less than 18 years.

She was taken to the police on Saturday, i.e., the 4th of December, 2021. The police department is tracking several off-campus offense activities since the case lacks enough proof.

Amanda Hubble Age: How Old Is She? 

Amanda Hubble is 31 years old woman born in the year 1990. She joined Clovis Unified School District when she was 25-26 years old. Amanda is not much active on social media.

Although her teachings have made students pro playing musical instruments, her act is inexcusable. She is on leave for her ongoing case now.

Amanda Hubble Family And Husband Details

Amanda Hubble's family and husband's details are not known yet. But she must be unmarried or completely unsatisfied with her husband that led her to perform such a venereal act.

Likewise, she lives in Clovis, California. The teacher lowered her reputation and made her family go through a shameful situation in society. 

Amanda Hubble Wiki

Amanda Hubble's case investigation is going on at present. She will no longer be eligible to teach if she's proved guilty of the crime. She had just progressed from primary teaching to high school this year.

A young teacher's career seems to be destroyed in the first year of her high school teaching.