Who Is Amanda Hawkins Singer? All About The Stanley Cup National Anthem Artist From Denver

Amanda Hawkins sung national anthem at the Western Conference on October 26, 2019.
Amanda Hawkins sung national anthem at the Western Conference on October 26, 2019.( Source : facebook )

Amanda Hawkins is the national anthem singer whose recent performance at the Stanley Cup last night has garnered nationwide recognition.

A national anthem adept, Amanda is the pride of Denver. Her recent recital at the Stanley Cup game night has become a new sensation as the people found it impressive and loving.

Amanda's musical works have started flowing in, while her fans have become more stunned.

She has made everyone proud and amazed that she is also the new national anthem singer for Colorado Avalanche after Jake Schroeder retired early this year.

Who Is Singer Amanda Hawkins? Wikipedia Bio Of The Artist

Amanda Hawkins is enjoying a heavenly musical career in her 30s. She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, all along.

Hence, she has dedicated herself to her home state and has pursued an artistic career. Throughout her career, she has released songs such as 'Heaven or Hell,' 'Call You,' 'Save My Soul,' 'I Love You Already,' 'The Way You Feel,' 'Get back In Line, and garnered recognition.

However, Hawkins is predominantly known for singing the American national anthem in sports tournaments.

She has sung for teams including Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Crush, and Colorado Mammoth.

Amanda Hawkins at the Colorado-Avalanche backstage in February.
Amanda Hawkins at the Colorado-Avalanche backstage in February.( Source : facebook )

Colorado Avalanche led its game on Stanley Cup with 2-0 points against Tampa Bay Lightning. Thus, Amanda's musical support definitely did the magic.

Besides that, she has also become the new national anthem singing splash in recent times, becoming the topic of Twitter discussions. As the game results are the new drift, Amanda's magical performance was the star of the night.

Her success yields to her many years of practice and dedication to music. Amanda had started playing guitar and singing to its tunes she was eleven.

The Colorado Avalanche artist did not stop there and explored various musical competitions to gain experience and broaden her musical knowledge. Hence, the long years of hard work have shown their results today.

Amanda Hawkins is everywhere in media and social web platforms, where she is awed for musical talents. With her growing stardom, she will soon receive a Wikipedia that will depict her life story.

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Avalanche National Anthem Artist Amanda Hawkins Has A Singer Father

Amanda Hawkins has made her father, Barry Hawkins, prouder than before with last night's performance.

Mr. Hawkins took it to his Twitter handle and shared a lip of Amanda on TV singing the national anthem. Though he could not attend the games, he watched the game and mainly Amanda singing in the first quarter.

This indicates that the Hawkins family shares a close familial bond, especially the father-daughter duo.

According to Mr. Hawkins's Twitter bio, he resides in Centennial, Colorado. Hence, he is a big supporter of the Colorado sports team, including the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Knights. Amanda and the whole family support the same cause as they are native to Denver.

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Amanda Hawkins Was On American Idol

Amanda Hawkins was in American Idol Season 7.
Amanda Hawkins was in American Idol Season 7.( Source : kdvr )

Amanda Hawkins, now a Colorado-famous national anthem singer, was once a part of American Idol, one of America's biggest singing competition shows.

She became a part of the show in 2007, the show's eighth season out of twenty as of 2022. Fox 31 writes that Amanda joined the competition to launch her own music career.

A trained musical artist, she had the required musical knowledge as a musical student. She had targeted American Idol's audience reach to be a prominent figure on the show.

Impressively, she had made it to the Top 50 before being eliminated. Her audition round impressed every judge except Simon Cowell but still advanced to the next round.

Amanda Hawkins and her elder daughter in July 2019.
Amanda Hawkins and her elder daughter in July 2019.( Source : facebook )

A music worshipper, Amanda did not put an end to her career there; instead, she started working more hours on songwriting and singing. During her pregnancy and bringing up two daughters as a mother, she took some years off from the field.

Her diligence finally paid off as she knabbed spots as a national anthem singer, that too, a respected and impressive one.

This year marks a new start in her life as she has started her journey with Avalanche on top of other teams as well.

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