Who Is Alicia Kenny? Family Of Missing Loveland Woman Appeal For Help In Finding Her

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The Loveland Police Department is seeking assistance from the public in locating a key missing person named Alicia Kenny.

Authorities are hunting for Alicia Kenny, who was last seen on the evening of Saturday, June 11, near Lebanon Road.

Continue reading to learn more about her and to help us spread the word about this post so that she can be found soon.

Who Is Alicia Kenny? Missing Case Update

According to Loveland police, Alicia Kenny is 5'1" tall, 110 pounds, and has brown hair and eyes.

Based on a recent Facebook post, she was last seen around Lebanon Road in Loveland.

Loveland police mentions that Kenny was wearing dark slacks, a white shirt, and sandals at the time. Kenny frequently visited parks in the neighborhood, despite the fact that she does not own a car, according to the Facebook post.

If you see Kenny or know where she is, call 911 or Northeast Communications at 513-677-7000.

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Alicia Kenny Help Post On Facebook 

Alicia Kenny's Missing post has been uploaded by Loveland Ohio Police Department. 

Alicia's mother claims that Alicia requested that her friends pick her up on Saturday, but no one showed up.

"She attempted to call somebody to pick her up on Saturday because she does not drive. She requested that someone come pick her up from Loveland, but no one would, so she's gone."

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Alicia Kenny Age & Family

Alicia Kenny is reported to be 23 years old. 

Marcy, Alicia's mother, told FOX19 that her daughter was strolling outside on Saturday, something she enjoys doing when she vanished. However, there are no details about her father and other family members. They must be worried as she goes missing. 

According to Fox, Marcy, who hadn't slept a wink since Saturday, stated Monday night, "The worry, the fear... there's a lot of anxiety." "On the verge of collapsing."

Similarly, Marcy stated that a delivery driver discovered Alicia's backpack, which had her phone, ID, and wallet, and turned it into the police. The driver said he couldn't remember where he found it, but it was somewhere along his route.

"I can't think of a scenario in which she would abandon her backpack," Marcy stated. "[...]Everything has been separated from her at this point. The only thing is... she's been out there for two days with nothing on her back."

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