Marty Cohen is a Holly Wood comic actor well-known for his roles in the 70s and 80s.

Cohen is known the most for his three roles: 1979's Make Me Laugh, 1985's Basic Training, and 1986's Weekend Warriors. 

Make Me Laugh was a comedy game show that ran for one season from 1979 to 1980. The object of the game show was not to laugh at the comedians.

Different comedians would have one minute each to make the contestant laugh. If the contestant could keep a straight face throughout, they would win prize money and face a succession of comedians until one made them laugh.

Many comedians appeared on the show, like Anne Lockhart, Bob Saget, Garry Shandling, and Joan Prather.

Basic Training is a raunchy comedy directed by Andrew Sugerman, which has garnered a reputation as one of the worst films of 1985. 

The movie follows Melinda, played by Ann Dusenberry, a female Pentagon public information service employee. The story follows Melinda becoming appointed Secretary of Defense through various carnal methods.

Lastly, Cohen appeared in Weekend Warriors, an independently made American military comedy film directed by Bert Convy.

Cohen was thought to have passed away on May 17, 2020, but he was mistaken with Martin Cohen, a producer.

Quick Info: 

Net Worth:$900,000 and $1 Million
Spouse: Leslie Levine
Years Active:1978 - 1994

Who Is Marty Cohen's Wife?

Actor Marty Cohen is currently married to Leslie Levine, whom he wed in August 2000.

Marty Cohen was originally married to Maria until they eventually divorced. Not much is known about Cohen's relationship with Maria. 

Not much is known about either of Cohen's marriages. The man doesn't have a paper trail on the internet, so it's hard to determine anything bout either of his marriages. 

However, it is known that Cohen and Levine currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Marty Cohen's first big role was as Michael in 1985's Basic Training.
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Cohen's career is bare and sparse for the most part. Besides the two acting roles mentioned above, Cohen had four other acting roles in his career.

The first was in 1976 as a sketch character in the Jacksons' television series. The Jacksons was an American variety series that lasted for a year from 1976 to 1977 and featured the Jackson siblings.

It was the first variety show where the entire cast was siblings. After this, he played a lawyer in the 1979 television movie about Freddy Prinze called Can You Hear the Laughter? The Story of Freddy Prinze.

His last role before his two movie roles would be in 1980 as Martin Blair in The Stockard Channing Show.

How Many Children Does Marty Cohen Have?

Actor Marty Cohen has four children in total, although it is unknown who the mother is.

This confusion is one of the many effects of Cohen's slide into obscurity. There are as many online sources that state Maria, his first wife, is the mother as there are that Leslie, his second wife, is.

Not only is it unknown who the mother is, but even less is known about Cohen's children. From their identities, and early life, to their current livelihoods, besides the occurrence of their birth, everything else about these people is shrouded in mystery.

Perhaps it's unfair to call it a mystery as there's nothing mysterious about the children of a minor actor not being known. Still, the fact that it's not known if Maria or Leslie is the mother has caused some people to start digging. 

Marty Cohen is perhaps best known for his role in the 1986 movie Weekend Warriors
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After all, Cohen may be obscure now, but he did glint in the limelight. He was a welcome addition to the 1980s series The Stockard Channing Show, where he appeared in four episodes. 

Cohen's success in The Stockard Channing Show led to him appearing in 1985's Basic Training and 1986's Weekend Warriors.

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How Much Is Marty Cohen's Net Worth?

Actor Marty Cohen has a net worth estimated to be between $900,000 and $1 Million.

Although one might think that Cohen earned the bulk of his income from the movies, in actuality, Cohen was more prolific as a game show contestant and comedian.

From 1978 to 1993, Cohen had 13 credits in various game shows and celebrity comedy sessions. These shows were:

  • The Jim Nabors Show in 1978
  • The John Davidson Show in 1982
  • Solid Gold from 1980 to 1982
  • Tattletales in 1982
  • Battle of the Video Games in 1983
  • Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour from 1983 to 1984
  • Body Language from 1984 to 1985
  • The $25,000 Pyramid in 1987
  • The $10,000 Pyramid in 1987
  • Wordplay in 1987
  • Super Password from 1985 to 1988
  • Slime Time in 1988
  • An Evening at the Improve from 1989 to 1993

The last time anyone heard from Cohen was in the 1994 television short Bonkers.
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Of the shows mentioned above, Cohen hosted Slime Time. He was either a guest, a panelist, or a celebrity contestant for the other shows. 

Slime Time was also the most successful, but even his most successful show didn't last more than a season, and Cohen slid into obscurity. 

The last time anyone heard from Cohen was in the 1994 television short Bonkers.

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