Joseph and Myesha are a great couple who are all set to be seen on the television series called Love Off The Grid. Learn more about them through this article.

Joseph and Myesha are all set to appear on the brand new reality television show Love Off The Grid which releases on January 30, 2022, in Discovery Plus. 

The couple will be seen competing with the other three couples Charlie, Spence, Angela, Jen, Lyndsay, and Josh. They need to leave behind the modern lavish life of cities and everyday necessities which include indoor plumbing and air conditioning.

Furthermore, the couple will be in the mountains and needs to take bath outside as the bathrooms are also unavailable. But, the great thing about it is there will not be so many people.

Joseph and Myesha seem more compatible and in love than the other contestants as they understand each other very well. Every couple will be trying their best to survive there and win the show.

Who Are Joseph And Myesha From Love Off The Grid? Wikipedia

Joseph and Myesha are couples who have already spent years outside of normal civilization and made their own way by living off the land. Their biography has not been featured on the official Wikipedia site.

As reality TV stars are new in the industry there are very few details related to them. Things are smoother between the couple.

Myesha said, "Honestly I love everything about Joe, but I've never lived off the grid" before the duo are shown getting into their tent.

Joseph And Myesha Age: How Old Are They?

Joseph's and Myesha seem to be 30-35 years old, while their actual age details is still unknown to the public. As they just came into the limelight most of their information is still unknown.

The couple needs to live in nature and manage their life there. There will be no running water, no electricity, and no civilization in sight.

Moreover, Joseph and Myesha need to live there so that they can win the show. However, the couple looks compatible compared to the other two.

Joseph And Myesha Instagram And Net Worth Explored

Joseph's and Myesha's Instagram and net worth is yet to be explored. The couple seems to be private when it comes to their personal life.

The reality TV stars have not shared their Instagram handlers as of now. However, we hope that they will soon share it with the public and other social sites.

In addition, The duo has not opened up about their total assets as well. But, the viewers of the show and people who started liking them after their appearance on the trailer are eagerly waiting to know some more details related to them.