Jimmy Chin is an American photographer, film director, professional mountain athlete, and author who was born in born October 12, 1973.

He has been a professional skier and climber as a mountain athlete for over 20 years on The North Face Athlete team. 

He has traveled to all seven continents. Chin has participated in and led expeditions all around the world. 

This intrepid exploration has built him a resume of ski mountaineering and historic climbing achievements. 

The adventurer achieved the first successful American ski descent from the summit of Mount Everest in 2006 with Kit and Rob DesLauriers. 

Five years later, Chin, Conrad Anker, and Renan Ozturk captured the first ascent of Shark's Fin, a granite wall on India's Meru Peak.

As an artist, Chin has documented expeditions and climbs from the Sahara to the Himalayas, which have been featured in numerous respected publications, such as National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, Outside magazine, and others. 

Chin was awarded the National Geographic Photographer's Photographer Award in 2019 by his peers. 

His first book of photography, called There and Back, documenting his career adventuring in the mountains, became a New York Times Best Seller in 2021. 

Quick Facts:

Age: 48
Net Worth:$12 Million
Profession:Climber, film director, and photographer
Spouse:Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
Date of Birth:October 12, 1973
Place of Birth:Mankato, Minnesota
Alma Mater:Carleton College
Years Active:1999 - Present

Who Are Jimmy Chin's Parents?

Jimmy Chin's parents are Frank Chin and Yen Yen Chin, both from China. 

Frank Chin was born in Wenzhou, which is a prefecture-level city in the southeastern Zhejiang province in the People's Republic of China, while Yen Yen Chin was born in Harbin, which is a sub-provincial city in the Heilongjiang province while also its capital and largest city.

Both Frank Chin and Yen Yen Chin worked as librarians. At some point in their lives, they moved to America. 

Jimmy Chin's parents are named Frank Chin and Yen Yen Chin, who are both from China. 
Source : nationalgeographic

Jimmy Chin was born in Minnesota, Mankato, and raised in the same city. He went to Wayland Academy for his high school education. 

He went to Carleton College for his undergraduate studies, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies after graduating in 1996. 

Following his undergraduate studies, Chin stated that he became a climbing fanatic, a decision his parents vehemently disapproved of. 

He fell into photography through climbing as he discovered his talents in the art form after borrowing his sleeping claiming partner's camera to take a photo.

Chin sold the picture for $500, which started his photography career.

Who Is Jimmy Chin's Wife?

Jimmy Chin is married to American documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.

Vasarhelyi is best known for co-directing the 2019 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature-winning film Free Solo. The film was a profile of Alex Honnold and his 2017 free solo climb of El Capitan, a vertical rock formation.

She was raised in New York City by her mother, Marina Vasarhelyi, a college administrator, and her father, Miklos Vasarhelyi, a college professor. 

The filmmaker is of mixed descent as her mother is from Hong Kong, and her father is from Hungary.

Vasarhelyi graduated from The Brearley School and held a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literature from Princeton University.

Jimmy Chin is married to American documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi.
Source : nytimes

Elizabeth started her career as an assistant to director Mike Nichols while he was working on the film, Closer. She also worked extensively with the Emmy-Award-winning cinematographer Scott Duncan who was documenting events like Dakar Rakky.

Her first film was called A Normal Life. It won Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2003. The film following it called Youssou N'Dour: I Bring What I love, was released internationally and in the United States and won numerous awards. 

She has traveled worldwide and worked on films that showcase various cultures. Some of the grants she has received are from the Sundance Institute, the Form Foundation, and the National Endowment of the Arts, to name a few.

How Rich Is Jimmy Chin?

Jimmy Chin has an estimated net worth of $12 million as of 2022, which he accrued through his various enterprises.

He co-directs films with his wife, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi. 

They started their film career by directing the documentary Meru, which won numerous awards, including the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival. It was shortlisted for an Academy Award. 

Their most popular work is Free Solo, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, a BAFTA, and seven Primetime Emmys. 

Free Solo had the highest-grossing opening weekend for a documentary film. 

The film eventually grossed $29 million at the box office. 

The poster for Jimmy Chin's most popular work, the documentary Free Solo.
Source : youtube

Chin and Chai's most recent documentary was released in 2021, called The Rescue. It chronicles the Tham Luang cave rescue. 

Just like its predecessors, the 2021 film won numerous awards as well, including, but not limited to, the People's Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival, and was their second movie to be shortlisted for an Academy Award. 

Recently, Chin and Vasarhelyi are working on their first scripted feature, Nyad, starring Annette Bening and Jodie Foster, about Diana Nyad's historic swim from Cuba to Florida.

Chin has creative directed and directed commercial work for brands including Ford Motor Company, Apple, Bose, Chase Bank, Panerai, Yeti, and The North Face.