Gabbie Hanna aka Trauma Queen is a singer and an internet personality.

She has managed to gain over 130 million viewers on TikTok with over 5 million subscribers.

The social media influencer Gabbie Hanna has made her fans concerned after posting more than 100 TikTok videos within a day. There, she has mostly ranted about a series of topics ranging from the Bible to grammar to her family and spelling in less than 24 hours. 

Following her videos, her viewers wrote that she seems to be in the throes of a manic episode. In her latest TikTok post, she shared that someone broke into her home and she asked her viewers to pray for her.


Who Are Gabbie Hanna Parents?

Gabbie Hanna's parents are James and Michelle Hanna as per Familytron.

Her mom reportedly works as a licensed massage therapist whereas nothing much has been explored about her dad. And, the Hanna couple relatively prefers to stay out of the limelight, unlike their daughters.

Gabbie Hanna's parents welcomed her in New Castle and she is not the only child of her proud parents. Well, she is born as one of the children of her parents seven kids.

We also reportedly came to learn that her mom and dad have already separated from each other and got divorced and her mom Michelle has raised their kids. She told in one of her TikTok videos that daddy protects his loving daughter Ruby baby girl.

Sister Cecilia And Monster Meme On TikTok

One of her siblings' names includes a fellow social influencer, Cecilia Hanna, who is her younger sister and 11 years junior to Gabbie.

The monster meme content could be found on TikTok, which has amassed enough views.

Gabbie Hanna's sister Cecilia is a public figure and a self-acclaimed z-list celeb.
Source : instagram

More On Gabbie Hanna Family Bio 

Gabbie Hanna's family includes her six siblings aside from her beloved mother and father.

Well, Hanna has two older sisters Cherisa Rhae, and Monica McCormick, and three younger sisters Cecilia Hanna, Genny, and Madelynn Hanna with a younger brother, Sam Hanna. And, her sister Monica is professionally involved as a teacher and she even organized a fundraiser in Go Fund Me in 2018 for hollow blocks and unit blocks in the classrooms.

According to online reports, her family is based in Los Angeles and there is no one in her home except for her alone.

In one of her videos, she even referred to kids as “forbidden fruit". It is also found that some called her family a damaged one with siblings abusing each other and stuff and that they all would benefit from some form of therapy. Likewise, some believe that there is a deep family trauma around the Hanna family.

What is Gabbie Hanna Ethnicity?

Gabbie Hanna is of mixed ethnicity and she is of French and Polish descent as per her Wikipedia.

Some also say that she’s of Lebanese descent and that she is from Lebanon (judging from her appearance) as it is in the Middle East. On the contrary, some online users tweeted that her place of birth is New Castle, which is 45 minutes north of Pittsburgh. 

Where Is Gabbie Hanna From?

Gabbie Hanna is from Pennsylvania as noted in Famous Birthdays. Thus, this makes her an American as her birthplace lies in the US.

Likewise, talking about her education, Hanna graduated with a degree in psychology and communications from the University of Pittsburgh.