Patrick McDermott is the on and off boyfriend of the late singer and actress Olivia Newton Jones.

Olivia was a renowned singer who won the prestigious Grammy Awards four-time and had produced hit singles and albums in her career.

She had five number one hits and ten Top Ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Her albums like If You Love Me, Let Me Know, and Have You Never Been Mellow have been at the top of the Billboard 200, while 14 of her albums have been certified gold by RIAA.

Jones sold millions of her albums and became one of the best-selling music artists from the second half of the 20th century until now.

She starred in the musical film Grease in 1978, and its soundtrack is the world's best-selling album of recorded music. Jones was not only into music but also protecting the environment and creating awareness about breast cancer.

Olivia passed away at the age of 73 on August 8, 2022, and her death news shocked a lot of people.

Who Is Olivia Newton-Jones Ex Boyfriend, Patrick McDermott? 

Patrick McDermott was Olivia Newton-Jones's ex-boyfriend. He had been in an off relationship with the singer.

Due to his romance with Olivia, he had been in the limelight most of the time. He was born on September 18, 1956. in Seoul, South Korea.


His mother was Korean, while his father was American. His mother couldn't look after him and gave him for adoption, and when he was two years old, he got adopted by an American family.

His birth name was Kim Chong-Nam, and he later married the actress Yvette Nipar in 1992. Their marriage didn't last long, and they got divorced around 1994.

He had a son, Chance McDermott, with his former wife Yvette Nipar. Before his disappearance, he was working as a lighting designer, and during his work, he met Olivia.

Where is Patrick McDermott Now?

Patrick McDermott's whereabouts are still unknown to this date. He went missing when he went on a fishing boat trip on 2005.

Since then, he has not been able to be traced down, and various investigations and search has been done, but there has not been any solid evidence about his whereabouts.

His missing case was in the headlines for many years, and many people claimed he was seen in Mexico, but it has been just rumored.

Patrick McDermott Had Gone Missing In Sea And Was Rumoured To Be Found Alive

Patrick McDermott was 48 years old when he went missing on an overnight fishing trip on the Freedom boat out of San Pedro marina in Los Angeles on June 30, 2005.

After he was nowhere to be seen on the boat, the crew searched and found his car keys, wallet, and passport on board. Similarly, his car was found parked nearby.


After a week, he was not found on the boat and eventually was not seen in contact with his relatives and loved ones. The police were told about his disappearance.

His disappearance from the boat trip has conspired theories that he might have fallen from the boat and drowned to death or faked his death and is living his new life someplace.

In 2017, a great uproar was seen when a person who looked like Patrick was spotted spending time with his German girlfriend in Mexico. 

Later the couple revelead themselves, and the details were hoaxed. Olivia was greatly affected by Patrick's missing, and she accepted that he had gone forever. 

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Where is Patrick McDermott?

His whereabouts are still missing; the United States Coast Guard has concluded that he was likely lost at sea, while some claims that he has faked his death and is alive in Mexico.

Who were Olivia Newton Johns husbands?

She was previously married to Matt Lattanzi and later married her present husband, John Easterling.

Where is Olivia Newton-John from?

Olivia is from Cambridge, United Kingdom.