Where Is Missy Rothstein Now? All About The First Wife Of Bam Margera As He Goes Misisng

Missy Rothstein's marriage with Bam Margera was short lived and lasted for only around five months. ( Source : Twitter )

Missy Rothstein, an American actress, is best known as the first and former wife of MTV stuntman Bam Margera.

Other than acting, she has also been involved in the modeling and photography fields. This gorgeous photographer has played a significant yet impacting role in Bam Margera's life given their association.

Where Is Bam Margera First Wife Missy Rothstein Now? 

Missy Rothstein aka Melissa is in Los Angeles, California as her Facebook location suggests.

She has currently stayed away from the public and her previous limelight has been replaced by Nicole Boyd. It's as if she has totally vanished following her divorce from Bam Margera.

Talking about her relationship with Margera, she and Marger tied the knot in 2007 and promoted their love to legal marriage. But, just after two years of the wedding, they started encountering some problems in their relationship, which probably went unsolved. Perhaps, that's the reason why these public figures took a break from each other and their marriage gradually fell apart eventually in 2012.

In February 2015, her ex-husband posted a picture of them together on his Instagram captioning that she came to pay him a visit. In fact, the caption ended with him writing BFF, best friends forever. That photo and message implied that they still remained in an amicable relationship even after their bitter divorce.

Despite not having any connection whatsoever when it comes to love, Missy and Margera have maintained their togetherness intact through their friendship.

Who Is Missy Rothstein? Her Age And Wiki Bio

Missy Rothstein is a 42 years old actress, born on June 3, 1980.

She hails from Springfield Township, Pennsylvania, and has moved to California in recent times.

According to Missy Rothstein's featured Wikipedia, her wedding with Marger was filmed for Bam's Unholy Union and the show portrays Margera, his then-fiancée Missy Rothstein, and their friends in the lead-up to their wedding.

Missy Rothstein And Ben Margera Divorce Cause

Missy Rothstein and Ben Margera's divorce is probably caused by his strong addiction to alcohol and its overdose. It was Rothstein who called 911 when he became a mess as a result of not eating or drinking enough water. 

It is also found that to save their breaking marriage and following her ex-husband's dealings with alcohol overdose in hospital, they went on a marriage counseling in 2009. From what we know, the reason that led to their divorce was Bam's booze issues. It was so disturbing that to control him, he was put on the antidepressant Lexapro to try and control his mood swings. 

After that, the couple went to counseling twice a week and there was also a time when Missy thought that Bam has a split personality, just like Jekyll and Hyde. He disclosed this fact to TMZ

Right after the divorce proceedings and complete finalizations in 2012, she took it to her Twitter handle and shared her happiness of being divorced through emojis. She tweeted Official Divorced and that she was happy and finally free and retweeted a photo of multi-colored balloons that read "Just Divorced.". She also reportedly questioned who wants to come to her Divorce Party. 

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