Where Is Hannah Anderson Today? Story Of Her Struggles During The Kidnapping By Jim Dimaggio

Hannah Anderson, a survivor of a kidnapping by a family friend.
Hannah Anderson, a survivor of a kidnapping by a family friend.( Source : today )

Hannah Anderson's kidnapping narrative is addressed on Monday, June 13, 2022, Lifetime's next true-crime series #TextMeWhenYouGetHome.

Then 16, Hannah was kidnapped after cheering practice at El Capitan High School in Lakeside, California. Authorities ultimately identified the culprit as 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio, owner of a property in Boulevard, California.

Fortunately, she was rescued by FBI agents from Cascade, Idaho, a camping site.

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Where Is Hannah Anderson Today?

Hannah Anderson was abducted by a family acquaintance, James Dimaggio who was accused of murdering her mother and brother. Fortunately, she was rescued by FBI agents on Aug. 10, 2013, at a remote wilderness campsite in Idaho.

Hannah's father, Brett, stayed by her side after the abduction, and she spent a lot of time with her family. Hannah stated in an interview, "In the beginning, I was a victim, but now that I know everyone out there is helping me, I consider myself a survivor."

"My mother taught me to be strong."

Hannah was an honor roll student at her Lakeside high school and was set to graduate that year, according to reports in 2015. She also aspired to be a detective and wanted to study forensic science and criminology.

Hannah has remained out of the spotlight since then, keeping a low profile. According to what we know, she is doing well and is presently residing in California(Cinemaholic).

DiMaggio was slain by FBI agents on August 10 at a remote wilderness location in Idaho where he had abducted Hannah, 16, following a six-day, multistate odyssey.

Investigators believe DiMaggio, known as "Uncle Jim" by his relatives, murdered 44-year-old Christina Anderson and her son, Ethan. Their remains were discovered after DiMaggio set fire to his home in Boulevard, a small hamlet 65 miles east of San Diego.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department published this photo of James DiMaggio, 40.
The San Diego County Sheriff's Department published this photo of James DiMaggio, 40.( Source : go )

Christina, according to police, was chained, gagged, and beaten to death. Both bodies had been completely burnt. Investigators discovered evidence in the ruins that led them to suspect DiMaggio murdered the two and then set fire to the house to cover up his crimes.

Hannah's safety was immediately feared by police and family members. She hadn't been seen since Saturday cheering practice when she was expected to catch a ride home from DiMaggio.

Border officials reported sighting DiMaggio and Hannah Anderson in a Blue Nissan traveling past a checkpoint at the California-Mexico border, prompting authorities to issue an Amber Alert.

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Story Of Hannah Andreson's Abduction By Suspect James Dimaggio

Hannah Andreson told US Today that she had texted James DiMaggio before her abduction to arrange for him to pick her up at a cheerleading camp. 

"And he had no idea where I was or what the address was. So I had to give him the address and inform him that I would be in the gym rather than in front of the school "She stated. "Just so he knew where to find me."

She said she had no idea there was a countrywide hunt for her or that an AMBER warning had been issued in at least five states.

He had just picked her up from cheerleading practice and taken her to his house about an hour east of San Diego allegedly, she claimed. While she was told that her mother and brother were concealed somewhere within.

Hannah was also unaware that her mother and brother had died. 

Anderson claims DiMaggio shackled her, zip-tied her feet, and stated his plan to abduct her and take her to Idaho. The day rapidly turned bleak, according to Anderson, when DiMaggio invited her to play Russian roulette with him, complete with a real pistol.

"When it was my time, I started weeping and freaked out," Anderson explained. "And he asked, 'Would you want to play?'" And I said, 'No,' and I began weeping, and he replied, 'OK,' and he stopped."

Hannah also stated that she and DiMaggio exchanged letters a year ago because she and her mother weren't getting along. And DiMaggio assisted her in working through the challenges.

"I and him would discuss how to cope with it," she explained. "And I'd tell him what I thought about it. And he was there to guide me through it. They weren't very horrible. They're only there to assist me to get through difficult times."

Investigators searched DiMaggio's computer for motivation for the killings and kidnapping and discovered emails to Hannah. There DiMaggio expressed concern that Hannah was growing up and moving away from the guy she had always called Uncle Jim.

Hannah Anderson holding the picture of her mother and brother at their memorial.
Hannah Anderson holding the picture of her mother and brother at their memorial.( Source : co )

Citizen sightings of DiMaggio's blue Nissan inundated law enforcement agencies in the days following the kidnapping, locating the two from Mexico to Oregon.

The FBI discovered that DiMaggio had acquired a blue tent and other camping equipment before kidnapping Hannah. They located Anderson when a party of horseback riders in Idaho's "River of No Return" remote area stumbled upon them.

They informed the county sheriff about the guy and a teenage girl who didn't seem to belong there. Furthermore, they stated that the older gentleman was transporting a grey house cat.

The FBI was aware that DiMaggio maintained a grey cat as a pet. After the finding, an FBI plane equipped with more sophisticated surveillance equipment took to the skies and established it was DiMaggio, Hannah, and a grey cat.

DiMaggio, according to Hannah and the FBI, fired at least one shot. The hostage rescue team opened fire, killing DiMaggio with five rounds.

Hannah Anderson Amber Alert- Was She Raped?

Hannah Anderson was ignorant of the Amber Alert, but she waved her hands in the air when she noticed a Blackhawk chopper flying over her.

While DiMaggio was away getting firewood, Hannah was signaling the plane by waving her white handkerchief. The FBI hostage rescue team was hidden nearby, waiting for the opportune opportunity to strike.

"A space and separation between Hannah and DiMaggio was one of the prerequisites to move in on the arrest," officers explained. However, It was shortly after 5 p.m., and it was becoming dark. 

The blue tent, purchased by DiMaggio before he kidnapped Hannah.
The blue tent, purchased by DiMaggio before he kidnapped Hannah.( Source : go )

The agents moved in when DiMaggio returned to the woods to collect additional fuel for the campfire. The hostage rescue team then opened fire on DiMaggio, killing him with five shots.

There was no report of her being raped though, Anderson's friend suggested that DiMaggio had crushed on her. According to Hannah's buddy, James even mentioned dating her if he were her age.

Hannah was disturbed by these sentiments but did not discuss them with her parents. Since "in part, he was her dad's best friend, and she didn't want to disrupt anything between them."

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