Don Spirit was a murderer who killed his family members, and his wife Christine Spirit might be living somewhere away from the media.

Don Spirit was a convict who did the heinous crime of killing his daughter and six grandchildren and then took his own life after the act.

His brutality caused a shock to a lot of people, and it is a never heard story as no one has known a person to kill his family members to such an extent.

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Where Is Don Spirit Wife Christine Spirit Today?

Don Spirit's wife, Christine Spirit, might be living far away from the media in her home. She revealed to the court through a letter that her husband, Don, has been suicidal after he accidentally shot his eight-year-old son Kyle.

After the fatal shooting, the spirit's family fell apart, and in her letter, Christina begged for mercy and told that she was always thinking every time the phone rang that she would be informed by the jail of Don killing himself.

She continued talking about how her husband punished himself for the mistake, and she found him often crying on regular basis. She asked the judge to be lenient on the punishment to be given to him as there is a high chance of him committing suicide.

Don again committed a grave crime by killing his daughter and her six children. He was involved in domestic abuse and violence against her daughter, Sarah.

Murderer Father Don Spirit Wikipedia Bio   

Don Spirit was a father, husband, and grandfather and was living a good life until he committed such a degree of crime that made the headlines of many news outlets.

Before this crime, he had accidentally shot his son but was not charged for this accident. He was convicted in 1998 for illegal possession of a weapon and marijuana.

It was believed that if she didn't have guns and weapons with him he might not have struck his son with the gun on his head. One of his daughters is still alive, but her name and details are not revealed.

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Is Don Spirit Act of Murder Made Into A Documentary?

Don Spirits's murdering his own family is one of the worst crimes ever heard in the criminal history, and talks have been going on about making it into a documentary by Netflix.

But there has not been any official announcement made to this date. He was one of the criminals who was calm and poised while calling 911 and admitting to killing his family members and then killing himself.