What's wrong with Tom Guiry's face? Know if the actor suffered from Bell's Palsy or rather a stroke.

Tom Guiry is an American actor who is best known for his role of Scotty Smalls in the film The Sandlot.

It was his first major on-screen acting performance and everyone loved it. Even to this date, many people recognize him for that role as a child actor.

However, his acting career is not limited to that project only.

With around 45 acting credits to this name, Guiry again impressed the audience with his performance in the 2021 film, The Unforgivable.

While the artist is a regular come-and-go personality in the headlines, one thing that always remained as a curiosity about the actor is his face.

Some weird photos of Tom showing his bad facial structure have made the fans wonder if he suffered from any disease and underwent mouth surgery.

Tom Guiry Face- Is It Bell's Palsy Or Did He Have A Stroke?

Despite the rumors, Tom Guiry neither suffered from Bell's Palsy nor a stroke.

There are no reports about any such happenings to the actor.

The talks about Guiry's face seem to have started after mugshot photos of the actor were released online.

It dates back to 2013 when he was arrested for kicking and headbutting a cop who was trying to detain Tom from the airport.

Apparently, the airport security team restricted Guiry to take a flight as they found him overdrunk.

The actor's face seems a bit weird on the mugshot image. It looks like his face structure is damaged and the face muscles look rather loose and irregular.

Because of this photo, people thought that Guiry might have suffered from either Bell's Palsy or stroke since the face structure reportedly gets loose and irregular in both of the diseases.

But it looks like some kind of mistake on the photo rather than any problem with the actor.

Did Tom Guiry Get A Mouth Surgery?

There is no conclusive report that mentions Tom Guiry doing mouth surgery.

Neither the actor nor any reliable source has opened up about it. So, it remains unknown at this point.

Nevertheless, it also seems related to the mugshot photo thing.

As his mouth looks kind of cramped in the photo and as it looks normal now, people are speculating about the possible mouth surgery.

Who Is Tom Guiry Wife?

The actor Tom Guiry is together with his wife, Janelle Bloodsworth, for over a decade now.

Guiry and his spouse, Bloodsworth, tied the knot back in 2009 and are still seemingly happy.

The couple also has three children together.