What's Wrong With Steven Del Duca's Mouth? Ontario Liberal Party Leader's New Looks Explained

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Steven Del Duca's followers have been wondering about his mouth; for some time. Look into the politician's personal profile amid the Ontario election of 2022. 

A Canadian politician, Steven Del Duca, is prominent for being Ontario Liberal Party's leader. He has been active in his political career from 2012 till the present. 

Also, he is a member of the Liberal political party at the provincial level and has been active since 1988. The people are currently interested in him and his personal life after the election debate on Monday. 

Moreover, he is also running for the ride of Vaughan- Woodbridge planned for 2 June 2022. 

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What Happened To Steven Del Duca's Mouth? 

Steven Del Duca's mouth has been in the public interest; for a while. His followers have found his lips unique from others and have seen lips symmetry. 

There is a possibility that he might have been having this condition since childhood. Nevertheless, the politician has yet to open up about the matter. 

What's more important is the work he has done for the public while serving as the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. He has been serving the province for a long time now, winning the heart of his followers. 

He previously worked for around four years as a Minister of Transportation and then as Minister of Economic Development and Growth in Ontario. 

Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca's Net Worth In 2022 

Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca expected net worth might be over a million in 2022. He began his political career in 2012 as a member of the Provincial Parliament for Vaughan. 

Before, he stepped a foot into the Liberal world in 1988, being an active party member. With almost a decade of experience in politics, Del Duca must have earned a fortune.  

As per Ontariosunshinelist, his salary in 2018 as a Legislative Assembly was $165,851. In 2022, his salary details are yet to be open to the public.

Even so, his estimated earnings are known to be over $100k. 

Come Across Steven Del Duca Family & Children-Is He On Facebook?

Steven Del Duca lives together with his family in Vaughan. He shares two children with his wife, Utilia. 

What's more, they also have dogs named Sammy and Hunter in their happy family. To get more information on the politician, he is available on Facebook with the username @Steven Del Duca

He is a verified user with more than 8k followers on his account. 

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